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Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Anyone familiar with dermatitis herpetiformis? I don’t know a lot about, just some I’ve read and bits of pieces of things Eric has told me… My understanding is it’s a very itchy skin rash caused by a gluten sensitivity.

Months ago, I think early spring, Eric started to show signs of severe allergies. Being spring we blamed it on pollen and such and he started to try different over the counter allergy medications. Nothing worked. After a few months he saw an allergist who did some testing and decided he was allergic to carba mix, which is actually an allergy to three really long words I won’t bore you with here. Those three things though are in almost everything, especially rubber. Naturally we thought maybe it was rubber gloves or gowns Eric wears during surgery… But as the months passed his condition worsened. He’s now using topical steroids on his entire body, including in his eyes. The itching and sores are just getting out of control. His hands are so sore he’s having a hard time keeping them from bleeding. Even his nails have sores and blisters.

So, Eric being a doctor and really enjoying research and science in general, began investigating… and decided he has Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Last week was FINALLY his appointment with a local dermatologist. And what… they think it’s contact dermatitis, probably from a soap, lotion, or something he’s constantly getting on his body, most likely something at home since it’s all over his body. They wouldn’t even do a biopsy of one of his sores, just to rule out issues from gluten, be it just a sensitivity to gluten, or true celiac disease.

I’m so annoyed. Eric is out of his mind itching. He can’t sleep because of it. He’s afraid it’s ruining his nails permanently. And who knows if his itching is leaving scars all over his body. I wish I could help him… My best attempt was to purchase all ‘free and clear’ products for our home for Eric to try until he returns to the dermatologist in a few weeks.

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  1. I feel for him!!! I have had hives since April. I just got on a regimen to stop them, the itching was so bad I wanted to take my skin off with a potato peeler. Zyrtec am and pm along with Zantac Am and pm. The Zantac really did it for me! My allergist did blood tests first, did his do any? I would be super frustrated. We use free and clear but found that bounce free and clear could have been the antagonist, all free and clear works better and we use ConAgra and dawn to clean around here. Most of our cleaners and free and clear products were for. Old with his exczma was bad when he was little. We used coconut oil for his itchy skin as it worked better than steroids. I hope it clears and can share our tips and tricks if you wantz

    1. Yeah, the allergy tests just showed the carba mix. And apparently the type of allergy his has doesn’t respond to drugs like Zyrtec and such. I hope we figure it out soon too.

  2. Poor guy. I can’t imagine. I hope you can find some relief soon

  3. Do you have a Soothe Regimen available? I’ve read on the forums of it helping with issues like that.

    1. Hum… didn’t even think of that!

  4. That is super frustrating. I’m sorry. Can he get a second opinion?

    1. He can…. but I assume it would take months to get in to anyone again 🙁

      1. Gah. I’m sorry to hear that. I always assumed doctors would not be blown off like the rest of us. Thanks for shattering that myth!

        1. Yep, just like everyone else!

  5. Can’t he have the blood test done to see if he has celiac? That’s how we first found out my 11 yr old daughter has it. They followed up with scope and biopsies to confirm after the blood test came back positive.

    1. He could… but the dermatologist he saw didn’t see the need… I think he’s going to try to talk to a gastroenterologist that he works with some.

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