The saga that is my life

I feel like the shit that goes on in my life doesn’t happen to others… but it must, right??

I emailed the crappy nanny around noon on Saturday, and at 5pm today (Sunday) I still hadn’t heard from her. So I sent a text asking if she read my email. She said she didn’t get it, and listed an email address different from the one we’d previously been communicating through. So I forwarded the original email to her new email address. And now I haven’t heard another word since. I’m going to assume she read it. But oh God, what if she shows up tomorrow morning??

I did interview three girls today, and I have a favorite from today, but I’m trying not to decide too much until I’ve met them all. I have two more interviews tomorrow and one on Tuesday yet as well.

2 thoughts on “The saga that is my life

  1. You got nothing to worry about even if she does show up. Just tell her directly that it isn’t working out, it is unfortunate she didn’t provide correct email, and best of luck to her.

    And you are completely justified in your expectations of a nanny making herself available!!! I have 2 mommy helpers who are young teenage girls and both if them know to help out if I am there as well without me asking for it. This is pretty ouch given. Typically it is the extra things like doing laundry or cooking for the family that are outside of what’s expected that require additional conversations. Otherwise why are you there?!?

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