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Our New Home?


I found a house I really like! Eric isn’t free until this weekend to see it, but considering he would live in a cardboard box, I’m guessing he’ll like it. Hopefully we can make an offer soon! The link below will take you to some pictures (well, screen shots from my phone). It’s new, the furniture in it is just for show, and since we are keeping our current home, hopefully we can close and move quickly! And so the next adventure begins!



12 thoughts on “Our New Home?

  1. Can’t see any images!

  2. It’s beautiful!!

  3. Where did you decide to buy? Love the house!

    1. It’s in Hiawatha. Hopefully this all works out as I’m getting so excited about moving!

  4. Wow gorgeous!! Those floors are amazing!!!!!

  5. beautiful!

  6. Lovely home, but was thinking you mentioned in your other post you didn’t want an open floor plan?

    1. Well, it is somewhat open… but… I can imagine a better way to arrange furniture in this house than in our current. Hopefully that solves some of my problem… I hope. But you’re right, completely open in our current home did bother me.

  7. It’s beautiful. Is it in the Cedar Rapids area?

  8. It’s beautiful..

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