Eric asked me last night if I wanted to go visit his brother and family next week… next week being Eric’s week off from work. Um… first, I would LOVE to see his brother, my sister-in-law, and their daughter who live out of state. But I feel so overwhelmed with moving right now! Am I crazy, or do men just not get it???

8 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. It sounds like it would be a great opportunity to go visit your BIL and his family. I say go for it. In my experience, my husband has zero concept of the minutiae I deal with day in and day out under normal circumstances, not factoring in a move. So it’s entirely possible, and likely, that he doesn’t get it. It also may be that he’s not thinking the move has any sort of set deadline, since you will have the other house still. I hope it works out for you all to go and enjoy yourselves 🙂

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  2. Planning on hiring a moving company to pack and move you. Then you do not need to do the packing yourself. With your children and their medical appointment needs this is sensible and money well spent. Then go on vacation.
    It would clearly be good for your husband and is a “I love you” thing you can do for him.

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  3. They don’t get it. They don’t pack. They don’t do he laundry when you get home. Here’s an idea: Eric and YOU go on vacation and leave the girls at home for a week after the move. Everyone needs that.

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