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Another Week

The weeks are flying! We decided not to take a trip this week, but mainly because it just wasn’t a good time for Eric’s brother and wife to have company. So worked out for the best, even though I assume Eric is a little sad. I know he really wanted to see them.

Eric was a bear last week and even Friday night, I assume because he was so worn out from his week of being on-call. He was super busy, so hard on both of us. Saturday morning we went to the farmer’s market here and then stopped at a park to let the girls play a bit. It was such a gorgeous day! The sun and fresh air wore us all out though, so we picked up a pizza for lunch and then went home for naps.

Looks somewhat safe…
Nora loves slides!

Sunday (yesterday) morning and most of the afternoon Eric and the girls kept busy with MagnaTiles while I packed. I have some of Nora’s room in boxes, most of the things off the walls in the living room and dining area, and the curio cabinet is almost empty. I looked in a few of the kitchen cabinets but got overwhelmed and stopped there. I know we don’t have a deadline to move, but I hate disorganization, so I’d rather pack it up and move it all sooner rather than later so I can get reorganized in the new place. Plus, I’m just anxious to be there, to figure out all the new stuff, get on daycare waiting lists and such.

Later this afternoon Eric and I are meeting with a lawyer to discuss all the ‘adult’ stuff we’ve been putting off for a while, mainly what happens to Nora and Nadia should something happen to both Eric and me. Not a fun or exciting topic, but we want to make sure they are taken care of, so better to arrange all this now I guess. I have no idea what to expect at this meeting. We’re fairly certain the girls will go into the care of Eric’s brother and wife, mainly because they have children similar ages. Makes sense… I think. We have plenty of life insurance and educational funds set up for them, but I think we also need to set up trust funds yet, however that works. This morning, as I was listening to the news, hearing of the tragedy in Las Vegas, well, reminds me how important it is to plan ahead. Life is precious, you just never know what tomorrow will bring. My heart goes out to those victims and their families. I simply can’t imagine.

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  1. I’m sure the lawyer will discuss this, but you can’t “will” your children to someone because they are humans, not property. So what you have to do (besides talk to the people you want to care for them) is tell the people that you DONT want to care for them, who you do want. Awkward, yes. Because you can write it down but you can’t prevent people from contesting it on court, I don’t think. I’ll be interested to hear what the lawyer has to say

    1. We did pick guardian’s for the girls, and also someone in charge of their trusts… I guess I didn’t realize those decisions could be challenged. The people we picked already know and agreed…

      1. Yes they can be challenged by people who don’t like your choice and want custody themselves

        1. Interesting… I’ll ask the lawyer about all that, as we meet again with him in a couple weeks to finalize everything.

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