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Kona = Stress

I don’t know what to do with our dog anymore. I know what you’re thinking… re-home her. Well, I can’t. I would feel too guilty. She is part of our family. But like all the other members of our family, we have to live together in harmony. And currently, that isn’t happening.

First I should probably point out that I have been in this house, without leaving, with the girls, without help, without even seeing another human for going on three days now. So my annoyance and stress is higher than on a normal day. Plus, we close Monday and move next Friday, so I’m also trying to pack. Alone, with the girls, with no help. (Eric is in Cleveland for work.)

I finally got the girls to nap, at the same time today. And then Kona barked. She barks at everything and everyone. Pretty much non-stop. Sometimes for no reason. Yes, great guard dog, I guess. If that’s what you’re looking for. Me though, I like quiet.

I realize it’s probably a training issue, or lack of training issue rather. But she’s seven. I feel like we can’t really start over with training her. Can we? We have a bark collar. But I feel horrible putting it on her. She walks around, clinging to my legs, looking all sad and scared when it’s on her. Often I close her into the laundry room during the girls’ naps. She has food and water in there…

And then there is the hair and mud she tracks in. Our new home is a walk-out to the (soon to be) fenced yard. I’ve considered having Kona only in the lower level. But how much would she really even see us? And then would the lower level be twice as dirty and hairy as the entire house is now?

Suggestions? Help!

7 thoughts on “Kona = Stress

  1. Try a citronella spray collar!

    1. I’ll look again for one… I couldn’t really find any with good reviews…

  2. Have you talked to a vet about her anxiety problems? Know with cats there can be pheromones put in air that help chill cats out. Not sure about your weather conditions… is it humane to have a primarily outside dog where you will be living? There have been lots of changes in your dog’s life as well as yours over the past 4 years, it might be transitory anxiety???? Or not.

    1. I know a lot has changed for her… we could have her outside, but it would be hard to transition her now, being she isn’t used to the cold climate…

  3. Scold her when she barks at nothing, if that doesn’t work put on the damn bark collar. DO NOT get rid of her, that is a shitty thing to do.

    1. I won’t get rid of her, we love her. But I feel really bad that lately she isn’t getting as much attention as she needs. I need to look into a doggy daycare here.

  4. I 100% understand where you’re coming from. We got our dog 2 years before we had the kids. She is my first born. I love her but know that my life would be a million times less stressful without her here, but the guilt I would feel if we rehomed her would kill me. So I deal with it, I send her to doggy daycare once a week for a day of sanity. I keep telling myself when they are older and can throw the ball with her or let her in/out it will be better. When the kids don’t have little toys the dog wants to eat, things will be better right? God i hope so because i love my dog (most of the time) and won’t get rid of her. I understand. And I’m not home with the kids, so I imagine you are dealing with this way more than me!

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