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Final walk-through and closing on our new home in Hiawatha were this morning. House looked great and closing was super fast and painless thanks to a good friend of mine serving as our mortgage loan expert. After the closing Eric and I grabbed lunch at a cute little restaurant, picked up mailbox keys at the post office, and then unloaded a few breakables we had packed in our vehicles. The house is super nice and I’m so excited to be back closer to family and friends, but I’m also terribly overwhelmed. We have so much left to pack before the movers arrive Friday morning. I also have a list a mile long of other ‘stuff’ that needs to be done. Like having a fence put up in the backyard, preferably before winter, adding a water softener, window treatments, and oh yeah, unpacking! It’s all the little stuff that feels like a lot when it’s all added together. Tomorrow Eric and I plan to pack all day, but we also have the girls with no sitter. And you know how that goes. And it keeps occurring to me how much stuff we have to leave here for Eric to survive, or just buy new. It’s stressful having two fully functioning homes I’m realizing. Above all though, I hope the girls, and the dog, adjust well. Nora seemed sad and confused when I was packing up her room. I tried to explain the concept of moving to her, but I don’t think she really understood. Our favorite sitter/nanny is coming to our new home on Friday to help with the girls…Thank God!

Late this afternoon Eric and I met again with our lawyer to finalize our wills. Talk about depressing. I guess it’s the realization that we truly don’t live forever. That this world goes on once we are gone. I don’t want to imagine someone else raising my girls though. Even thinking about this makes me sad again. Anyway, I guess it’s comforting to know the girls would be taken care of financially if we both pass. I know they would be loved and well-cared for by the guardians we picked. I just hope it never comes to passing their care off to someone else. Oh, and I asked about others contesting our guardian choices… Our lawyer said they would have to prove the guardians are unfit. 

Okay, heading to bed. I was up really early this morning and it felt like a long day. Oh, did I mention my INCREDIBLY dry eyes? Like for the past several months. I’m to the point where I can’t even wear contacts anymore. And I hate glasses. My eye doctor recommended a prescription eye drop… I’m waiting for that to be called in. I surely hope it helps!! Could this just be allergies? I’ve never had any issues with my eyes ever before…

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  1. Congratulations!! I always say we need to do our will but it depresses me!!!

  2. I got very severe and eventually chronic dry eyes while living in Mx City. I could not wear contacts anymore either. The doctor said it was the pollution and my body’s adaptation to the hostile environment. But other people could wear contacts! I hope yours recover.

    1. Ugh! Thanks, me too! I might need to get some updates, fashionable glasses if this is going to be a long term thing!

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