So Many Changes

I have no idea where to even start with updates… so much has changed… so much is new. I’m tired. I should be sleeping. But my brain won’t seem to shut off. Here are a few updates… more soon.

  • We are moved. The essentials have been unpacked. Except for my shoes. I need to find my shoes. It’s cold and I’m still wearing flip-flops. Nothing major was damaged, thank God. I do feel a little out of sorts as I have to go to the garage to get dressed… Our dresser wouldn’t fit through the hall/doorway of our bedroom. Apparently it’s one long piece of wood and can’t be taken apart. It was suggested we cut off the feet to get it in, and then somehow get them back on. Do people do that???
  • The girls had doctor’s appointments this past Monday.
    • Nora’s was her 2 1/2 year well-child exam. She is still only at 25 lbs., but 32.25 inches tall, so very thin. We continue to be concerned about her weight, but technically she is following her curve, as she’s always been small. The pediatrician is convinced Nora’s eating is more about control for her, meaning she knows that if she doesn’t eat she gets attention, or to snuggle with a bottle for her Pediasure. I don’t know… Maybe. She does tend to eat well in feeding therapy. I am curious to see how she eats at daycare. More on that soon. Nora did need another vaccination, a hepatitis A, and boy has she been cranky since getting it. Have you other momma’s noticed cranky children for days after shots?? I don’t really remember it in the past. 
    • Nadia’s appointment was only supposed to be a nurse visit for her flu shot. But it turned into a bit more. See… when I’m really stressed I always seem to get a cold sore. Well, last Wednesday and Thursday Nadia had been running a low-grade fever, was extra fussy, wasn’t sleeping well, etc.. I assumed teething. Friday, while I’m waiting for the moving truck to arrive I look down at Nadia and notice two cold sores on the corner of my mouth. I called the doctor and they said as long as she is eating and drinking she should be okay, as they will heal on their own. So Monday before they gave her flu shot I asked the doctor if it was okay to give it being she’d had a fever… The doctor looked in her mouth and found many more sores. Total mom fail. I never thought to look in her mouth. And I feel horribly guilty for getting her sick… And who knows when she can start daycare, not until these sores are healed!

Okay, more tomorrow, or the next day. Too tired…

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