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First days are over! Nora started yesterday and Nadia today. Nora loves it and even asked if she could go back to school tomorrow. I’m not sure about Nadia yet. She screamed when I left this morning, and as soon as she saw me when I came to pick her up. But they claim she didn’t cry all day and even napped, on a cot! And Nora napped on her cot today too!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, Nora still crying for a bottle… So this is all new to me, but Nadia seems to have decided she does not want any more bottles. She pushes them away during the day, and only took an ounce before bed tonight. Last night she did wake up around 11pm and did take maybe 4 oz, but otherwise she’s not interested. I’ve been offering her whole milk in her straw cup, but she makes a funny face at it. And at water. But she sucks down the apple juice. Ugh. I assume this self-weaning is normal? If only Nora would decide she is finished with bottles. Maybe I just throw them away and demand we be done with them!

Both the girls have runny noses and a bit of a cough here and there. Nothing serious so they are both going to daycare tomorrow. Sorry, school. They prefer we call it school. Tomorrow we are getting our backyard fenced and they want to do a walk-around with me of the yard at 7:30am. That will be fun. Do I leave the girls in the house to battle it out? Nadia will surely win, normally going straight for Nora’s hair.

I shouldn’t complain, being I don’t work outside the home, but mornings feel hectic. I’ve been trying to leave the house around 8am so the girls get to school around 8:30. I’m pretty sure morning snack for both is at 9am, so I prefer they be there for that, in case they didn’t eat enough of whatever I dreamed up for their breakfast. Nora isn’t a great breakfast eater as it is. Anyway, it just feels like a lot to get myself up and showered and ready, and both girls up and dressed and fed and hair done, etc. I know all of you do this, but actually leaving the house with both of them in the morning feels overwhelming to me. Having someone come to our home was so much easier. They stayed in PJs and could still be sleeping when the nanny arrived!

Thursday I want to go to MOPs back in Cedar Falls, so I’ll need to drop the girls off at school around 8am. Ugh. I’ve been getting up at 5:45am as it is, as Nadia wakes at 6am and REFUSES to let me do anything without holding her, or she SCREAMS, which in turn wakes Nora. Thus it takes me five times as long to do anything, like even dry my hair! Have you tried holding a toddler while you blow-dry your hair? It’s fun.

And Friday Eric comes back and has the following seven days off. Thank God! He left Sunday afternoon, and I swear to God, parenting alone is no joke. I seriously don’t know how single parents do this. And I have a ton of resources. I can’t imagine working full-time with no help.

Okay… off to bed, as I’m exhausted. More tomorrow maybe…

4 thoughts on “Daycare

  1. Did you get a job? Otherwise I’m confused why you would send your children to daycare if you’ve chosen to be a SAHM.

    1. Not yet, but once the boxes are unpacked I plan to look for one!

  2. the morning rush struggle is real. my only pro tip – we generally don’t use PJs any more unless C is sick or it’s the holidays. she goes to bed wearing whatever she’ll be wearing to school in the morning. a parent told me this trick a while back and i went for it when she started fighting more in the mornings.

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