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Am I the only one who cancels at the last minute??

Tomorrow is MOPs back up in Cedar Falls. I promised my table of ladies I’d come. And I want to see them. But it’s an hour drive, starts at 9am. I know, not that early. And I have daycare. But I think both the girls feel crappy. Icky runny noses and coughs. I feel like I should skip my chance to see adults and cuddle with them tomorrow instead. They are my first priority. 

And then Friday. Both the girls have therapy appointments in Cedar Falls. Neither are fond of car rides.  I so want to cancel so I don’t have to deal with the travel. I know I need to arrange therapy here, I just haven’t gotten to it yet…

I got quite a bit done today though, unpacked I mean. But I felt terribly guilty I was home when the girls were at daycare…

And our fence was installed today! So much easier for Kona!!

4 thoughts on “Obligations 

  1. I would skip the MOPS and snuggle the kids. I would go to the therapy until you get it set up locally. Glad you are getting stuff done. I will ba taking 2 days off next week and Craig taking the whole week off and the kids will go to school and daycare!! We need to get somethings done. No shame in that. Are they in daycare 5 days a week right now or just a few? Hope you are getting settled in!

    1. The daycare only does full-time, but I kind of told myself I was only going to take them 2-3 days a week, as I am home… unless I had stuff going on. Maybe more at first until the house is unpacked.

  2. Getting unpacked is important and you need the children away and happy in care while you do it. It takes time to reorganize in a new community. Do not beat yourself up!
    Hope you have pantry space this time so do not need to have more than one of an item on key kitchen shelf. Keep breathing and be kind to yourself like you are to others!

    1. Thank you! We have lots of storage space here!

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