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Long Week

I’ve never been so happy it’s Friday! And happy that Eric will finally be home later this afternoon!

This week was hard, even with some daycare time. Nora ended up going Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Nadia was there just Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday (Thursday) was horrible as they were both cranky, had icky runny noses, and awful coughs. Nora had a fever, but low-grade. Today they both seem in better moods, although their noses and coughs are still gross. I’m hoping Nadia doesn’t need to see our pediatrician… A few times with her cough she has acted like she couldn’t quite breath right away after. I know, I’m that paranoid preemie mom. Our pediatrician is 45 minutes away though, another things on my to do list, find one here.

I’m slowly getting boxes unpacked, but very slowly. I didn’t really get anything done while the girls were home yesterday or today. A little laundry this morning, does that count?? I’ve had a heck of a time with getting house ‘stuff’ set up. Mediacom for our internet was here three times, although with an electrician, and now today Dish Network was back, as Mediacom messed up their connection. Oh, and the Dish guy put the satellite on the front corner of the house, and the developer called me to bitch, told me to have it moved. It needed to be moved anyway as I didn’t want it in the front, but ugh. On that same call with the developer he also told me I need to have part of our fence in the back ripped out which was just installed Wednesday. Ugh. I swear I read the association by-laws. And my realtor agrees with me… The by-laws state the fence needs to come off the back corner of the house, meaning, not the front. Okay, well, on our garage side it comes off the back of the garage, apparently the garage, although attached, doesn’t count as part of the house. So waiting for that to be ripped out and redone. Only money, right? Like what else?? I partly blame Eric. I feel like a lot of this house stuff is more his area of expertise. But of course he isn’t available to help. I even had to figure out the property lines myself, something I also know nothing about! I guess I’m learning!

I hear Nadia… Way too short of a nap for her!


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  1. An attached garage is totally part of your house. I’d consider fighting that one before spending money to redo the fence.

    1. I thought about it… but I’d rather not be known as the problem people in the neighborhood!

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