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Halfway through our second week of daycare… I’m shocked at how much I can accomplish when the girls aren’t here. Even when we had sitters during the day with me home, I never got much done, as the girls knew I was home and would whine and cry for me. Honestly, the past two weeks are pretty much my first times being alone at home. I forgot what it’s like!

That said, I certainly have a mix of emotions. While it’s super nice to actually get to unpack some boxes… I feel super guilty being home while someone else is caring for them. The first couple days Nora was really excited to go. Then last Thursday and Friday I kept her home as she wasn’t feeling well. I feel like we are starting all over, only this time she understands I’m leaving her and cries. And of course Nadia screams whennever I’m not holding her, so of course she screams when I leave her at daycare. Breaks my heart. But this is good for them, right? I mean, I wanted them to have more interactions with kids their age. And yes, I expected us to get sick from germs, since we have been somewhat shielded from all that thus far. And boy are we sick. Icky runny noses, lots of congestion, bad coughs. But I guess it was either get sick now or when Nora started school.

I’m not sure how to get over the guilt of taking them to daycare. Maybe once the house is unpacked and I figure out working and a schedule for me I’ll feel better about it all, more settled. Maybe the girls won’t always cry when I drop them off. Will they? Maybe starting daycare so soon after moving was a bad idea. Too much change all at once for the girls?

My biggest issue with daycare is the fact that they don’t nap well there. And thus they are MOODY when they get home. I’m guessing any of you who have kids in daycare are very familiar with this, right? And I don’t mean they are a little moody. I mean they basically just scream and cry and throw themselves on the floor and on me. It makes what little time I do have with them horrible for them and me. This week Eric has been home and him and I have been trying to get as much done on the house as possible together, so the girls have been at daycare from maybe 8:30am until 4:30pm. When it’s just me and he’s working I’ll pick them up earlier, but will that help? We eat dinner and then they go straight to bed. Nadia hardly even wants dinner, just a bottle and falls asleep. Right when we got home tonight and I was making dinner and they were both freaking out I was thinking, what the hell am I doing wrong?? Anyone have a good suggestion for me… Will they learn to nap better at daycare over time? They each nap maybe 45 mins there, which certainly isn’t enough.

Tomorrow is MOPs back in Cedar Falls, and I really, really want to go. But since I’m still so sick I feel like I should stay home to rest and keep my germs to myself…

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  1. Daycare naps got much better (as in longer) for us after a few weeks. I have no idea if that’s normal, but we were thankful when that happened!

    1. Dear God help me, they have to get better. Even this morning, after full nights of sleep, both the girls were so crabby!

  2. I would give it time. But you may want to do a crazy early bedtime while they adjust. I would put Nadia to bed right away and Norah soon after. Even if she doesn’t eat much dinner, just give her milk. If they are overtired, they will nap worse. I know it means barely seeing them but it will get better!

    I get the freedom and guilt of daycare. I’m still sending Abbie while on maternity leave, and I love the freedom but feel guilty about it. It’s just so hard to have a toddler at home and keep her entertained all the time. And she loves daycare. I’m sure Norah will come around to that too!

    1. Nadia has been taking a bottle and going to bed by 6pm, which already seems crazy early to me. I so hope they both adjust soon…

      1. That doesn’t sound all that early to me! How late is she sleeping in the morning? At that age, you want to shoot for between 12 and 15 hours total sleep in a 24 hour period, so if she’s only getting 45 min. during the day, she needs a lot more at night.

        Do they have a schedule for when they put kids down for naps at daycare? Or do they wait for tired signs? If the latter, you might try requesting that they put them down at (a) specific time(s) regardless of whether they are showing tired signs or not, to help them develop a rhythm and routine.

        1. The girls have been waking around 7 in the morning. Daycare does have a very set schedule for naps. I think the biggest issue is that the girls were used to sleeping in their dark, quiet rooms. Napping at daycare is in a room full of other children. I assume there are lots of distractions…

  3. Not sharing germs is always friendly, but you decide what works for you and yours.
    The girls will adjust to school and naps. Remember children are always changing. I’d say do pre-prepared meals for post school so all you need to do is interact with the girls not meal prep. Things will even out but the first few weeks have bumps. You are a good mother.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I don’t often feel like a good mom. This is so hard!

  4. Daycare will get so so so much better. They will start to love it and look forward to it and learn so much from it. The naps Will get a lot better too. Once my child left the infant room and they had a strict lights out naptime, he slept two straight hours there and all night. I work full time as a teacher but I still send my child two days a week in the summer. Routine is good for kids, it makes them feel comfortable and safe.

  5. Girls are exhausted! Being good all day at daycare is hard work. Feed them right away…anything is fine… and pop them into bed asap. Skip baths, skip a well planned dinner until they get used to the new arrangements

    1. This is what I’ve wanted to do, but makes me feel like a bad mom…

  6. I have relatively flexible work hours, and I try to.pick kids up at daycare by 4pm. So, I try to run home and make dinner, at least for them, before I pick them up. That way, I can actually play with them a bit. And whenever possible, I make as much of tomorrow’s dinner tonight, after they’re in bed. Daycare napping is hard, but they will adjust. And so will you. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Taking time for yourself will make you better for thern!

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