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More Sickness

I’m so sick of being sick. And it’s really only the start of sickness season.

Sunday morning around 2am I woke up vomiting. I felt awful all of Sunday, weak, sick to my stomach, tired, achy… Thankfully Eric was here to watch the girls. But… he left Sunday evening for his Monday morning clinic out of town… And at 10pm Nora woke vomiting. And then Nadia woke up crying. I finally got the puke cleaned up and both girls back to sleep around 2am this morning.

Today has been super fun. Nora hasn’t thrown up anymore and for the most part has been acting normal. She has little appetite but that’s kind of normal for her. Nadia on the other hand has felt warm, and although hasn’t thrown up, she’s been super whiny the entire day. She’s napped very little and just doesn’t seem content no matter what I do. I’ve been giving her Tylenol which seems to help so maybe she is getting more teeth on top of whatever else we all have that we’re passing around.

Eric won’t be home for several more hours as he has to drive home but not before taking his mother out to dinner. Ugh.

Nora was supposed to have an immune exam tomorrow at the University but I rescheduled it thinking she might still be sick. I think she’ll be fine for daycare tomorrow. Nadia, I’m not sure. I guess we’ll see how the night goes. One of these years I’ll sleep more than two hours at a time, right???

And Thanksgiving. Haven’t even made those plans yet! I actually considered having it at my place, when I thought I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the girls at daycare to prepare. So much for that idea! Speaking of, anyone have some yummy recipes to share??

I just want some normalcy. Some schedule. I knew moving would be hard on all of us. But I didn’t factor in all the sickness which is making all this harder. I know things will get back to normal at some point… right??

7 thoughts on “More Sickness

  1. Starting daycare is rough while the kids get exposed to everything for the first time. Last year our doctor actually said, “Welcome to hell.” We were told to expect a new virus once a month for about six months, which was about right. Stomach bugs are the worst, but some of the colds can hang on for weeks making it feel continuous. Hang in there. It will get better eventually. I figured better to go through it now than wait for the first year of school :-/

  2. It’s always something! Like always!!! If it’s not the kids it’s the dog…it will get better…I feel your pain mama! It’s 4am. One kid was just screaming and then the second she stopped the dog puked up a sock 🙄

    1. Ugh. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one up at 4am at least!

  3. This is 100% normal! When my first went to daycare, our entire family was continually sick for a year and a half! Better to get that out of the way now than during school years. Stay strong!

    1. A year and a half. I can’t do it. It’s only been a month and I’m so over this! And I feel like the people at daycare think I’m nuts that I keep calling and saying we aren’t coming since we’re sick.

  4. Yes the constant sickness and guess what the germs are different in different states so even though my kids had been in daycare when we moved from Iowa it started all over again. With in a month of starting a new daycare Collin got pink eye and lots of colds. Mac had pneumonia and influenza in K the first winter it sucked. But it will get better soon drawn out colds are the worst.

    1. Oh god, I’m sorry you had to go through it again… ugh. I’m praying soon is like next week. I at least need a week of no sickness before the next round hits!

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