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Christmas Shopping

Since when did the holidays stop being fun? Or are they only not fun for me? Has everyone else figured out how to de-stress and find gifts for people who have everything?? Every year I vow to start shopping early… to find meaningful, special gifts for each person on my list. But again, here it is, into December already, and I’m frantically adding random shit to my Amazon cart as Eric’s family Christmas is next weekend. And do we all remember last years fiasco? I said I would never return. And Eric and I are still in the process of deciding how to handle it all. It doesn’t help he’s on-call that weekend, his clinic Christmas party, which he throws, is Friday night, his family Christmas is Saturday, and then his grandpa’s 90th birthday party is Sunday. All out-of-town.

So far for gifts I think we have most of the kids on our list figured out. Check out this link, monthly kits, depending on their age. Art, crafts, science, technology, again, depends on the age. I’ve purchased them for my own girls in the past and was pleased, so we’ll see. And this way the gift keeps on giving throughout the year. And don’t all kids like receiving things in the mail?

We have a lot of couples we need gifts for… Eric thought maybe baskets of goodies from Mrs. Fields or Harry & David, or maybe something like that but local, as we’re running out of time for shipping. But that still leaves all the family members whom I want to purchase special, personal gifts for…

Perhaps my laptop and I will snuggle in bed and Christmas shop tonight… The girls are sleeping, for now, and Eric is at a photo shoot for something work related. I hope to God not more billboards!


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  1. There are lots of great food and wine subscription boxes for adults. Try fruit of the month from harry and David, or anything from Gold Belly, or Try the World.

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