Other plans

As kids always do, mine had other plans for me today. I was up THE ENTIRE night with Nora. She has a bad cough and a low-grade fever. So the girls and I are home, I was too tired to get Nadia ready for daycare and wasn’t in the mood to leave the house anyway… I had to reschedule my appointments today, boo. I need a nap but with Eric still away until probably late tonight that isn’t going to happen. So far though I did dishes and a load of laundry is in the washer. Although while I was doing dishes the girls were spreading empty garbage bags all over the house. Ugh. Too much to think maybe I could wrap a few presents today?

Why is parenting so hard? Am I the only one who misses less responsibility and craves more freedom? I love my girls so, so much, but life is definitely more challenging as a mother!


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