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Busy Weekend

Friday was Eric’s work Christmas party. He and his three other partners hosted at a bar/pizzeria in Cedar Falls. All his clinic staff, OR staff, and spouses were invited. I think we had a pretty good turnout, 75 people maybe… It was a fun night, but hard for Eric since he was on-call, so couldn’t drink, and did get called into the hospital once during dinner. And because he was on-call I had to drive back and forth from home alone. Thankfully my mom was free to watch the girls.

Saturday was Eric’s family Christmas. Well, sort of. The celebration with his grandparents and extended family was Saturday. The ‘normal’ get together with his immediate family wasn’t planned this year. For some obvious reasons. Eric and I decided he would go alone to his grandparents,, but that left me alone with the girls all day Saturday, with little sleep due to the Christmas party the previous evening. It was a long day since Nadia was awake at 6:45am!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Eric’s grandfather’s 90th birthday party in his hometown. This was the main reason why we didn’t all go Saturday, as all the same people were in attendance at the birthday party, therefore we didn’t want to drag the girls 2.5 hours each way in the car, two days in a row. Call me lazy, but I just wasn’t up for it. Oh, and I was puking Saturday night and woke with an AWFUL cold Sunday.

I think the girls had fun seeing their cousin and Eric’s cousin’s children at the party, but wow, it was a long day. There were many tears and meltdowns along the way! I know it meant a lot to Eric for all of us to go, so even though I felt really sick and icky, I made the best of the day, smiled and chatted with everyone. Well, except his mother who avoided me, but I guess that’s fine. Easier that way.

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