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New Addition…

I added a new addition to our home… a bible. We have several children’s bibles, but this is the first actual, adult bible. No idea if I’ll be reading it cover to cover… Time will tell.

I think I commit to too much. Now I think I’m reading the Bible when I just checked a book out of the library, have about 10 started on my kindle and 30 more waiting to be read, I’m in the middle of two on my audible app, oh, and Christmas is 5 days away. My house is a mess, none of the presents are wrapped, food has not been planned, laundry is piling up…

I keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy all life has to offer!

One thought on “New Addition…

  1. If you decide to read it, start with Matthew and read the New Testament first. I actually read it in high school.
    Merry Christmas, thank you for sharing your life with us.

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