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Married to Medicine

Have you ever watch the show Married to Medicine on Bravo? Yeah… that and my life are as different as night and day? Black and white? Dead and alive? You get the idea.

All last week I thought Eric had clinic all next week, meaning he’d be commuting back and forth each day and have New Year’s Eve afternoon and New Year’s day off. Wrong. Apparently the holiday really did throw schedules off. He left this morning for another week of call.

In the true fashion of my life, we’d get our first snow storm when he’s away. The forecast called for 4 inches I think, but I got up as planned, dropped the girls at school and headed back home to shower. Kona had a grooming appointment at noon, but they called around 9am to see if I still wanted to bring her, due to the weather. It was really snowing already by 9:30am when I called them back, so I rescheduled her bath and nail grind for next week. I’d showered and put on make-up though (for once) so still wanted to run a few of my errands, including getting my new glasses adjusted. When a girl does her make-up, people should see it!

Side note: I probably never really went into detail about the exact location of our new home. Let’s just say it’s in a neighborhood, a small neighborhood, but off of an unpaved/gravel road about five minutes off the interstate. Needless to say, my street, and the streets it’s off of, don’t get plowed. I’m not sure if ever. We are outside the city limits, which is nice for less expensive property taxes… but, those taxes actually pay for useful things!

By 10am when I was driving into town I realized the roads, including the interstate, were shit. Snow covered and slick with semi trucks barreling by. No way was I running my errands and picking up the girls later. How would I ever get back home?? My new Honda Odyssey is not awesome in the snow, I learned. I so miss my all-wheel drive Infiniti SUV that Eric is now driving. Granted, it eats gas, but it goes anywhere and I always felt safe.

The girls and I were back home by 11am. Nadia fell asleep in the car and I managed to transfer her to bed, but she only napped 30 minutes the entire day until her bedtime at 6:45pm. Nora napped an hour and a half, but the day still felt incredibly long since Nora wasn’t in bed until almost 8pm. I had hopes of doing laundry, dishes, picking up the living room, going through the girls clothes and putting away the ones they’d outgrown, etc., but none of that happened. Those two tiny things wear me out! Nadia wants to be held every minute. No seriously. I set her down and she screams. The girls have a billion toys, no joke, but yet they just want to hang on me. Nora is addicted to her iPad, but wants to play games she is really too young for, so she’s constantly saying, ‘need help mommy’. Which yes, is cute, but…

I wish I could be that mommy that wants to hang out on the floor with the girls all day playing games and coloring…

I’ll admit, I was definitely on my phone today more than I wish I’d been, checking Facebook, reading comments on my blog, texting friends, reading emails… But it feels like my only lifeline to the outside world.

What is wrong with me that a day home with my girls makes me feel trapped?

Thinking about the next week here without Eric is quite depressing. I’m not great with entertaining the girls when I’m alone here with them. I tend to work on house stuff, like laundry and such, which leaves me constantly pushing them away, and feeling very guilty. The snow storm and below zero temps isn’t helping my feelings of being trapped either. I really don’t want to take them out in the cold and snow tomorrow, but staying home all day makes for a lot of hours to fill.

And to top off the day… the company we hired to plow our snow called. Apparently they didn’t realize how far ‘out’ we lived. They want to charge us $75 for each time they remove snow from our drive and sidewalk. Like what else?! I’m here alone with the girls, I’d prefer it be done for me, so I said okay, but that I’d let them know if I find another company that might have clients already in this area. One more thing to add to my to do list of worries. Oh, and the van needs to be fixed. Eric broke it Christmas Eve. Don’t even ask.

4 thoughts on “Married to Medicine

  1. I was just watching married to medicine tonight! In the episodes I saw they were discussing marital issues each couple was having–I really identified with that b/c me and Mr. MLACS have been bickering more (he’s been snapping at me) and it’s really souring our relationship (for me anyways–he acts like nothing happened after the fact). I felt so relieved to see these women have marital issues, some of the same issues I have! Nobody talks about that stuff IRL. You’d think the kids would leave you alone since they got all these new toys for Christmas! BG isn’t terribly clingy most times, but can be. Have you joined a gym? I plan to start going again regularly now that I feel better (and have been baking and eating everything in sight) and I take BG to gym daycare to get a break from her–have you joined a gym/fitness club/country club yet–one with childcare? It’s a great way to get a break and meet other moms. XOXO

    1. I’ve been meaning to explore gyms in this area… but I just sprained my ankle. Again. I need to heal, quickly!

      1. You need to quit hurting yourself! XO

        1. Yes, the steps to our garage have sprained both my ankles. Ugh.

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