2018 Honda Odyssey

Remember when I had to have the newest Honda Odyssey? The 2018 model, completely redesigned with all new whistles and bells and features no human actually needs but probably thinks they want? Okay, yes, the magic sliding seats are amazing, not going to lie!

Anyway, here’s what I wish I’d known before rushing out to purchase the top of the line 2018 model halfway through 2017… Redesigned models have bugs. Lots of them. In fact, I notice a new one almost every day. And no, I’m not lying. It’s in the shop now, and has been for three days. The newest we noticed, the horn doesn’t work, nor does the idle engine feature. But those are small, to me, in comparison to the rear speakers often deciding silence is best, the steering wheel controls randomly functioning improperly, the rear cabin watch system displaying the rear cabin just some of the time, the anti-theft system powering off whenever it pleases… You get the idea.

My only advice. Perhaps refrain from purchasing a new model year vehicle. Of course, everything is fixed free of charge to us, including the three recalls its already been issued, some related to seatbelt issues, but it’s a pain in the butt to keep parting with it, especially with Eric working out-of-town so often. And since it’s a new model year, all issues are reported to Honda, which takes the dealership even longer!

Please share your thoughts!

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