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Another Instant Pot Fail

Maybe it’s me. It seems the entire world, as I know it, is ranting and raving over these freaking instant pots. Remember the spaghetti I made that was rather tasteless? Well, the following day I made a chicken and dumpling recipe I found online. And I didn’t care for it either, even though it claimed to be the best pressure cooker chicken and dumpling recipe to ever exist. It was tasteless. No wait, it wasn’t completely tasteless. The chicken tasted like chicken. The dumplings tasted like flour. But there was no happy mingling of flavors. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s an issue with cooking food superfast, faster than ever really intended. Don’t foods need time for the flavors to join? Is that’s the beauty of slow-cookers? Although pressure cookers have been around for years and years, right?

I’ll keep experimenting…

10 thoughts on “Another Instant Pot Fail

  1. Pretty much the only flavorful ingredient in the list is the celery. I’m not surprised this turns out bland, it looks more like the recipe than the way of cooking it, to me! I’d try adding some parsley or maybe some tarragon. (Actually, I’d probably end up throwing in some mushrooms and bacon and garlic, but that’s because very few recipes can’t be improved by the addition of one or more of these! 🙂 )

    1. Okay, good point! Maybe it was the recipe and not me! I hope anyway!

  2. I’ve found that pressure cookers are best for certain things, particularly those things that would otherwise take a long time to cook. We do meats a lot in ours – roasts, pork loin, whole chickens, etc. All of these we usually marinate or spice. We have also done beans, rice, and ‘hard boiled’ eggs, which turn out well. I haven’t had as much luck with recipes like you mention.

    1. I considered making a big hunk of meat, like a roast, but thought maybe that needed time to get flavor too. Do the meats get tender even when cooked so quickly?

      1. Sounds yummy too!

    1. Thank you!!!!

  3. I borrowed my friends IP for 2 weeks and made so much in it and was not sold. I’ll stick to my oven and crock pot!

    1. Yeah, I’ve only used mine the two times so far…

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