Finally Friday?

Funny… years ago I looked forward to Fridays. Now, I’m not sure. Eric left this morning for his on-call week in Cedar Falls. He’ll be there his normal seven days, so until next Friday, but next weekend he’s traveling to Dallas for a board review course. Which means he won’t be home until the 29th. That feels like forever from now! The responsibility of single parenting until then feels heavy. As I was packing the girls into the van this morning for school I thought, why does life have to feel too hard or too easy? When I’m home alone with the girls, like this morning, Nadia was screaming since I wasn’t constantly holding her, and Nora was repeatedly using her new-found word, ‘no’ over and over as she ran naked from me, it felt too difficult. But now, the girls are at school and I have the next several hours free to clean and do laundry which feels too easy. Why can’t life have more happy-medium times? I’m not so into the extremes…

Earlier this morning I registered at a Catholic Church here in town, ya know, since we moved here and it feels like the thing to do. Should I be offended the girl asked if I wanted to speak with the priest regarding an annulment of my first marriage? Maybe I’ not cut out for the Catholic Church. Or maybe she was just being polite and offering help she thought I might want…

I haven’t mentioned my book club lately… I kind of dropped out, even though I created it. No longer living there was just making it too difficult. But, there is good news, the moms club here I joined has one! The bad news… The book they are reading for January is super depressing. We Are All Made of Stars tells the story of a hospice nurse who writes letters for her patients to their loved ones, to be posted after their death. Oh, and she has just as sad a story. I’m not saying it’s not a good book, just quite depressing.


2 thoughts on “Finally Friday?

  1. Enjoy the easy! It makes the hard a bit more tolerable. But I totally get what you mean. Chris will be out of town a lot this month and dealing with everything on my own with the 3 kids is incredibly overwhelming even just to think about! Hang in there, they say it gets easier. 😉

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