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Monday, Monday

I survived the weekend home with the girl minus Eric. But it felt really long. Nadia was very cranky Saturday, I assume her teeth. I had intentions of venturing to Target yesterday, but it didn’t happen. The girls didn’t nap at the same time and it just felt like too much work to shower, get them out of PJs, etc. We cleaned up the basement a bit, and by cleaned I mean I cleaned as they destroyed. Ball pit balls everywhere. You know how that goes… I did make a shirt, I’ll get better pictures of it soon, but it turned out really cute! I have so many ideas for shirts and other items, but where does the time go??


My task today is buying groceries and meal planning for the week. It is just me and the girls for the next seven days yet, so meal planning is not going to involve elaborate dinners. Honest to God people, cooking for my girls and watching them not eat is still the most stressful part of parenting. And bath time. And bed time. And getting them dressed in the morning. And potty training. This morning for breakfast I offered them sausage bites and cinnamon swirl bread. Nadia ate a little, Nora maybe two bites. And yes, I realize I am probably part of the problem, but then I offered Nadia her toddler formula and Nora her Pediasure. I wanted them to go to school with fullish bellies. But I realize Nora is almost three and Nadia 16 months. I can’t give them bottles forever. They are already too old!

I picked up a book at the library a few weeks ago, ‘Weelicious, One Family. One Meal‘ by Catherine McCord. She also has a website, if you’re interested. Anyway, I’ve been browsing through the recipes, but honestly, it still feels overwhelming. Am I really going to whip up homemade blueberry-lemon whole wheat pancakes on a Monday morning before I drag them to school? I can barely get Nora to let me change her diaper first thing outta bed…  I don’t love to cook in the first place, so I feel like this is an even bigger strain on me. (That cleaning lady we have… maybe I should switch her out with a cook instead.)

So I’m looking through the dinner section right now trying to decide on tonight’s main dish… Maybe the Mac, Chicken, and Cheese Bites. What are the chances of my girls eating these??

What are you serving for dinner?

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  1. Wow, that recipe looks like way more work than I’d go through! I’d dump it all in a casserole dish and then cut it into squares. 🙂 #lazy

    1. It actually took quite awhile! It’s currently all ready to pop into the oven when I get back home with the girls. Here’s to hoping they at least offer to taste it!

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