Well that sucked…

Those Mac and Cheese bites I made for dinner… Don’t waste your time, in my opinion. They actually took awhile to make by the time I cooked the chicken, cooked the noodles, made the cheese sauce, mixed it altogether, scooped it into the tiny mini-muffin cups and then finally baked them. (Three dirty pans plus the mini-muffin pan, which is a pain in the butt to wash!) And perhaps I didn’t bake them long enough, as they didn’t stick together very well. I mean, they came out of the cups fine, but fell apart upon biting into them. Nadia ate probably one, hard to say as I gave her two which she smashed and then ate some of the mess on her tray. Nora wouldn’t touch it, wouldn’t even try it. Which ended in her screaming for a bottle. I finally did cave right before bed, but only after she also threw a fit about the pediasure being in straw cup. Does me trying to cut out the bottle count? She refused to brush her teeth and while I normally enjoy our time together reading before bed, it was interrupted by Nadia’s screaming… the entire time I was putting Nora to bed. Thankfully both are sleeping now. But bedtime tonight was no easy feat! Only five more bedtimes until Eric is home! 🙂

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