Still Sick

Still sick… this feels rather never-ending. And OMG why is the Theraflu Hot Liquid so disgusting? I made the nighttime ‘tea’ last night before bed. It’s seriously tasted like they just crushed up all the medicine, threw in a little lemon and called it tea. Exactly what advantage does it have over taking a pill, that I can’t taste??? Never again. Oh, and it made me jittery all night, so horrible sleep.

I took Nadia back to the doctor earlier this week as she was still not acting like herself, very fussy and had a fever of 101.6ºF even though she was still on the antibiotic from the ear infection they discovered last week. They re-checked her ears and thought the infection still hadn’t cleared. Ugh. (Eric thinks its viral and therefore the antibiotic won’t help anyway, but…) The doctor also tested her for influenza, which thankfully was negative. But she did test positive for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which I’m familiar with, and Human Metapneumovirus, whatever the heck that is. I assume not deadly since we weren’t given any special precautions other than to watch her breathing closely due to her prematurity. I thought the risk was only for premature babies still babies… not toddlers. Shows how much I know. Nora still has a bad cold, but no fever. Yet. God help me.

Eric surprised me last night by arriving home very late. But home! But… he already left again, as his flight for Dallas was this morning. At least he got to see the girls this morning though, which was so nice. Nora and Nadia were very happy to see him. He gets home Sunday afternoon around 1pm I think, so only two more bed times alone!!!

I was supposed to do laundry today… but instead I went through the piles and piles of paperwork covering our kitchen table. Everyone has such a mess, right? Just say yes.

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