Back to the doctor

Nadia and I were at the doctor again today. She was super fussy this morning, pulling on her ears, scratching at a rash I discovered on her back and chest, she even woke with a diaper full of diarrhea… The kid just can’t win.

The urgent care doctor rechecked her ears and sure enough, still infected. We got a stronger antibiotic which I really hope does the trick this time. The provider thought the diarrhea and rash were viral… The biggest concern now is her lungs due to the RSV. She doesn’t necessarily appear to be struggling to breathe, but her oxygen was only at 93% which is apparently boarder line for needing assistance and a steroid. Nadia finally ate some this afternoon and seems a little happier now than she did this morning. Thankfully she doesn’t have a fever. For now. She was up three times last night so I’m really hoping she sleeps better tonight. Especially since I woke her from her nap this afternoon to see the doctor.

Eric tried to get a flight home late tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon but was unsuccessful. The girls ate at odd times today so now I’m sitting here wondering what they need for a meal or snacks before bed… Neither appear hungry but with my girls, ya never know. I pray bedtime goes smoothly and we’re all able to get some much needed rest tonight. I can’t tell you how anxious I am for Eric’s return!!

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