I cooked again…

I cooked again yesterday. And I swear to God people my kids are still happiest with processed mac and cheese and hotdogs. I’m beginning to wonder why I try so hard…

I came across a Smoky Salmon Casserole in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I like all the ingredients, but I’m beginning to understand that you can’t just throw random things you like together and expect it to taste good. This didn’t. Neither Nora nor Nadia would eat it. Honestly, I could hardly get it down. It was dry, not creamy and cheesy as I expected. A waste of time and ingredients.

While I was making the casserole my crock pot was busy simmering Broccoli and Cheese Soup from the Pioneer Woman’s Come and Get It cookbook. This soup certainly wasn’t horrible, as I much preferred it over the salmon casserole, but it wasn’t awesome either. It has quite a bit of ‘processed’ cheese, aka Velveeta, in it, and you could really taste it.

So all that work yesterday, which involved a trip to the grocery store too, plus a messy kitchen and tons of dishes… I don’t know. Just a lot of effort when it doesn’t really please or entice the girls. Eric wasn’t even a huge fan of either, and normally he will eat anything without complaint.

2 thoughts on “I cooked again…

  1. Just wanted to say that I know how frustrating it is to cook and feel like no one eats the food (Theo is a horribly picky eater) but don’t give up! Keep introducing them to new foods. One day they’ll start picking up on them and it will pay off. Adrien went through a phase when he would only eat cucumbers, tofu, and eggs. And now he’s the most adventurous eater I’ve ever seen. He’ll try anything.


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