I got some slack about un-friending over differences of opinions… aka, vaccinations and flu shots and how they are necessary and safe. Here’s the thing people. You don’t get an opinion when it comes to science and proven research. Vaccinations are safe. Period. Just like the earth is round. I’m all about having an opinion. If you love Trump, great, be my friend, read my blog, lets hang out. I don’t care for him. But you get your opinion on politics. But science and medicine, proven research… no. End of story. You can’t argue some things. You don’t want to vaccinate… stay the hell away from me and don’t be spreading your incorrect information where I can hear it.

Now, about those ham balls… I personally really liked them… Nora wouldn’t try them. Nadia put some in her mouth and then proceeded to pull it back out and hand it to Kona, our doggie. So there you have it. I’ll try again…

I was thinking of adding some recipes to my blog, a new menu item so you can easily find some of my favorites. Please know, none of these will be my own, all gathered from other sources, and I’ll try to give credit to the originator 🙂 Stay turned!


  • K. Esta

    You have every right to decide who you spend your time interacting with both in person and online. As much as there is value in talking to people with different opinions, and as a general rule I try not to shy away from debate, anti-vaxxers are not usually interested in rational discussion or facts. You have no obligation to waste your time reading their posts on social media.

    And you’re absolutely right about science and medicine. Medicine is about science (or should be, don’t get me started on all the woo out there) and science is about facts.

    One of my favorite quotes: “People are entitled to their own opinions. They are not entitled to their own facts.”

  • rebeccarich

    Yeah, I’m all for respecting opinions about things like bottle vs breastfeeding, cosleeping, cry it out etc, but vaccines are not in that category. I’m still kicking myself for not getting the flu shot for our entire family- only I got it, and the flu was a piece of cake because of it. My husband is still recovering two weeks later. Science isn’t debatable!

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