Sick Again

Daycare called… Nadia had a fever. So back to the doctor we went this afternoon, with Nora in tow. Another ear infection. Ugh. A different, stronger antibiotic. We’ll see. So Nadia will be home with me tomorrow, hopefully I can at least get some laundry done. And the girl’s Valentine’s written out for their school parties on Wednesday.

I have lots more I’d say, but per usual Eric isn’t home from work yet… Nadia is already sleeping, but Nora is just now eating her Mac and cheese, which she insisted on, even though I made dinner. It will be bedtime for her soon. I’ll try to update again soon…

I was thinking today… all those people who keep telling me to enjoy these times, as the days are long but the years are short… I’m guessing at some point in time I’ll look back and realize this to be true. But as I was attempting to make dinner, while both girls were hanging on me, screaming… Well, it was hard to keep that in perspective. I’m so very thankful for my girls. I love them so much. But all that doesn’t make parenting alone so often any easier.

7 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. Who ever said that? Like… really?
    Just reading my blog posts from when my girls were younger makes my stomach hurt. I can’t breathe.
    It was a nightmare! I thought I was gonna die from exhaustion.
    And I love them more than anything. I would die for them without even thinking. But NO, I do NOT miss those first years! It’s much easier, much more fun now!
    I have so much time for myself sometimes I don’t even know what to do with it.
    Relax, you’ll get there!
    It’ll take forever, though.


  2. My husband works A LOT also. I feel your pain! It is hard! And when he is home, he’s the hero. Ha!
    I have gotten into the routine of making tomorrow nights dinner tonight, after kids go to bed. Cooking with them at my feet constantly is impossible.

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