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Valentine’s Day

Nadia is still sick. I’ve basically not slept in two days. Which I know is a normal part of motherhood, but it still sucks. Nadia’s fever overnight was in the 104 range, although I think it’s come down a lot today. Maybe the meds are starting to work. The antibiotic is giving her diarrhea though, so that’s fun on top of it all. I assume her stomach is upset too from how she is acting. She did eat a few bites for lunch, which is more than yesterday or Monday, and she will take apple juice, but pushes away milk or toddler formula. I’ve been thinking all morning she has to be exhausted since her and I were up every hour last night and then were up for the day at 4am, but she refuses to nap. She’s currently screaming in her crib. Which I hate doing, but she needs to sleep and this was a last-ditch effort.

Nora went back to school today as I didn’t want her to miss the Valentine’s Day party planned for this afternoon. I was assigned to bring a ‘sweet treat’ and my original thought were these cute pretzels, but since Nadia was so sick and Nora was home with me yesterday too, well, I just didn’t find a way to get out of the house to pick up the supplies. Eric did come home last night, even though he’s on-call this week (long-story there) but he wasn’t home until 9pm and I was out of energy to start cooking at that hour. So… my sweet treat for her party were Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins.

OMG, Nadia is finally sleeping! But now… do I nap like I want to? No, I guess I do one of the millions things on my to do list, like clean, laundry, sweep up the sand/salt all over the mud room, dishes, shower, oh yeah, I guess maybe I should shower.

Oh a bright note, the girls liked the cute little assortment of Valentine’s goodies I gave them this morning! Nadia even gave me a few smiles between painful cries.

Nevermind that shower idea… Nadia’s nap was short-lived…

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