Long Week

Thank God tomorrow is Friday and Eric comes off-call and home. Granted, he only has a few days and then flies to Dallas for oral boards, and he has to study the entire next several days, but still.

Speaking of home… Our house in Cedar Falls we have for sale, and when it sold planned to get a smaller condo for Eric when he’s there on-call… Well, rented it out totally last-minute to a coworker of his whose home burnt down. Like literally one night Eric was staying there like normal, and the next afternoon they were moving in. It’s a huge help to this family of five, but certainly put a kink in our life. The first few days of this week Eric commuted as normal, even though he was on-call. But that got old fast when he kept getting called into the ER at 10pm. He’d drive 45 minutes there, see the patient and then drive another 45 minutes home. It was basically eating up his entire night and left him with less sleep than we normally gets. Which is nothing to write home about. So… last night and tonight he is staying in a hotel. I’m not sure our plan long-term. Eric is leery of owning three properties, so he’s hesitant to even look at condos right now. The family wants to rent our house until the end of 2018, at which point it will go back on the market. And hopefully won’t take forever to sell! We actually have another physician interested, but they are just starting out and don’t have a proper down-payment yet. Maybe they will by December.

I’m worried about Eric, all the driving, the late nights… He doesn’t get much sleep. He works non-stop, even his weeks ‘off’ lately are consumed with studying for boards or catching up on patient notes. His clinic days are always overbooked with 45+ patients. And some days they schedule nine or more surgeries for him. He rarely even eats during the day, much less pees.

I partly blame Eric for not taking care of himself. He’s an amazing doctor, he cares so, so much about his patients, but this comes at the expense of his own health often. When I call a specialist for an appointment for one of the girls we get booked out sometimes six months or more. If you call Eric’s clinic, he’ll make time to see you, sometimes the same day, even if it’s not an emergency. All that snow we had, and patients cancelled their appointments… He re-booked them the next day, even though that next day was already full. When I cancel for the girls I get the next available. Again, six months or more down the road. I feel like Eric has no professional boundaries. He needs to learn to say no sometimes…

So Nadia… So far this week we’ve been at the doctor Monday, Wednesday, today (Thursday), and we have another check tomorrow already scheduled. I’m exhausted and so is she. I think we figured out she has a UTI, still the ear infection, and a gut infection called human rhin/entero virus, I think… or something close to that. I probably shouldn’t be all that surprised by the urinary tract infection, as Nadia has urinary reflux and was on meds the entire first year of life to prevent such infections. The persistent ear infections are kind of throwing me for a loop though, as prior to the past two months, she’d never had one, and now we can’t seem to get rid of them. The gut infection, no idea. I really thought it was bad diarrhea from the first antibiotic she started on Monday, Augmentin. But I guess not, or possibly a combination of that and the virus. Either way, it sucks, and her bottom is so, so sore. We stopped the Augmentin Wednesday morning, due to the diarrhea, and she was given an injection of Rocephin Wednesday afternoon, and another today. I’m really hoping they don’t want to give her a third tomorrow afternoon when they check her ears. It’s traumatic for her and me! I thought Eric would be finished at noon tomorrow and could possibly join me at Nadia’s appointment. But no, of course not. I just talked to him and he has surgeries scheduled until at least 2pm, probably later. Oh his work schedule, I tell ya…

One thought on “Long Week

  1. I hope for your sake and his that the professional boundaries will come. For the first year or so of after we bought Brian’s practice (when I was pregnant and then had newborn twins) he would see every single patient that ever called on the weekend, whether they were an established patient or joe shmo off the street who was just trying to get a prescription for pain killer. Now, 4 years later, he almost never sees anyone on the weekend unless they are an established patient who recently received care related to their issue. Otherwise, he will see you Monday morning. Just a small example but I hope Eric will move in that direction as time goes on. He will have to, or he will suffer major major burnout

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