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Picture Day

Tomorrow is picture day for the girls… I think we’re going with these outfits, Nora’s on the left with the brown boots. Might do different shoes for Nadia. I mean, unless Nadia drools all over the shirt in the first ten minutes she has it on tomorrow…

Also tomorrow… Eric leaves for Dallas for his oral board exam… Ah! Months and months of studying come down to a couple days… He flys back Sunday afternoon, so a couple more days of me being alone with the girls. Ah to that too! Thankfully Nadia is finally feeling much better so hopefully the weekend goes smoothly.

In other news… remember how I was on the wait list for MOPs here? Well they called and my first day was Tuesday. And it was awesome! Met tons of sweet moms! The format is very similar to my Cedar Falls MOPs group so I felt pretty at home. I’m really looking forward to getting to know these ladies more personally in the months to come!

Here are a few more pictures I have on my phone of the girls to share!

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