I keep thinking today is Friday. But no, it’s Thursday. I got the girls all up and ready for pictures today. I so hope they cooperate and smile, or at least don’t scream! I mean, these are their 1st ever school pictures. I know, I’m getting all sentimental…

There a million things I should could be doing right now… But here I sit, staring at, well, these are my views 🙂 The bottles I washed earlier today… Oh, bottles. We need to be done with bottles! And the laundry and other crap on the table. Clearly we don’t eat at the table!


Eric left a bit ago to catch his flight to Dallas. I’m already wondering what I’ll serve the girls for dinner… Can I be lazy and make chicken nuggets and tater tots? Hum, not very healthy, I know.

It’s quiet here, peaceful. The calm before the storm when the girls arrive home and start tearing toys out of one another’s hands.  Or maybe the actual storm, I heard a chance of freezing rain overnight making tomorrow morning’s commute difficult. Ah, winters in Iowa, keeps us on our toes I guess! But please daycare, don’t close! I have a mom’s club coffee planned and I really need an outing!

If you find yourself with some quiet time and enjoy audio books, or more specifically true-crime, I just finished an interesting book that is free for a bit longer according to Amazon, West Cork. Let me know if you listen to it, I’d love to discuss with someone!

3 thoughts on “Thursday

    1. We’ve been in the habit of always eating at our breakfast bar. I’d like to eat at the table, but then where would all my junk go?? 🙂

      Do you have another daycare in mind to try?


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