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I keep thinking today is Friday. But no, it’s Thursday. I got the girls all up and ready for pictures today. I so hope they cooperate and smile, or at least don’t scream! I mean, these are their 1st ever school pictures. I know, I’m getting all sentimental…

There a million things I should could be doing right now… But here I sit, staring at, well, these are my views 🙂 The bottles I washed earlier today… Oh, bottles. We need to be done with bottles! And the laundry and other crap on the table. Clearly we don’t eat at the table!


Eric left a bit ago to catch his flight to Dallas. I’m already wondering what I’ll serve the girls for dinner… Can I be lazy and make chicken nuggets and tater tots? Hum, not very healthy, I know.

It’s quiet here, peaceful. The calm before the storm when the girls arrive home and start tearing toys out of one another’s hands.  Or maybe the actual storm, I heard a chance of freezing rain overnight making tomorrow morning’s commute difficult. Ah, winters in Iowa, keeps us on our toes I guess! But please daycare, don’t close! I have a mom’s club coffee planned and I really need an outing!

If you find yourself with some quiet time and enjoy audio books, or more specifically true-crime, I just finished an interesting book that is free for a bit longer according to Amazon, West Cork. Let me know if you listen to it, I’d love to discuss with someone!

3 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. We started eating at the table *this* week, lol. As part of our “maybe my kid won’t freak out at the *next* daycare plan…

    1. We’ve been in the habit of always eating at our breakfast bar. I’d like to eat at the table, but then where would all my junk go?? 🙂

      Do you have another daycare in mind to try?

      1. Hahaha. I feel ya in the junk.

        Right now we don’t even know what to do about daycare. 🙁

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