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18 Months

Nadia is just over 15 months corrected! A few pictures from our very informal photo shoot this morning 🙂 She’s talking a lot more, points, usually for juice or her ‘binkie’, and shakes her head no often! Her hair is finally long enough to put a bit up in clips, if I can sneak them in while she’s playing. Nadia is walking pretty well now, but hasn’t quite mastered running just yet. Nora loves giving Nadia hugs… but Nadia hasn’t yet realized these aren’t assassination attempts. It’s hard to believe that Nadia is now the age Nora was when Nadia was born… I can’t even really remember Nora at 18 months. Maybe because I had too many things on my mind!  Nora’s 18 month picture is at the bottom for a fun comparison 🙂

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