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Traveling with Kids

Next week is my 38th birthday, and Nora’s 3rd. We’ve been in the habit of trying to do things for birthdays, rather than giving lots of gifts, although we’ll still do some gifts for Nora to open:) So… we’re going to Kansas City next week. For the first time ever we went through VRBO instead of a hotel, and rented a house seven blocks from Country Club Plaza. We’ll be eating, drinking, shopping, and hopefully finding lots of activities for the girls as well! I think it’s about a five-hour drive from our home, and we’ve leaving Monday and coming back Friday. So ya know, plenty of time for lots of toddler meltdowns! But hopefully a lot of fun too!

I’m sure I’ve posted about traveling with kids… but I’ll refresh your memory… Vacations with toddlers rarely feel like vacations, from my past experiences anyway! Ugh, naps, bedtime, meals, all the messes, all the whining. Ugh. But… with Eric having every third week off, and the girls not yet in school, I feel like we should take more advantage of our time off together. Starting small though, driving as I’m not yet brave enough for planes with kids! I know, it’s doable, but even the thought gives me anxiety! Someday!

In preparation for our trip, I’ve been looking at a few things on Amazon. But… please, if you have any tips or awesome products that make traveling with kids easier, please comment! Keep in mind my girls are three and 18 months 🙂

Sleeping – This is huge to me, as I love, and need sleep. I’m willing to purchase whatever it takes to get the girls to sleep on vacation. In the house we rented we’ll have a bedroom for each of the girls, so hopefully quiet, dark, and will mimic their own rooms at home. We have sound machines we use every night at home, and we’ll make sure to take those. Both girls still sleep in cribs, so for Nadia, our 18 month-old, we’ll take our 4moms® breeze® Playard which is really just a slightly larger version of a traditional pack and play. It’s super nice, but very heavy, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you happen to decide to purchase one!

For Nora though, who will be three next week… She is technically still sleeping in her crib, as still hasn’t figured out how to climb out… So… I found this on Amazon, what do we think? She wouldn’t be ‘contained’ as she is used to in her crib, and in a strange house. I don’t know… thoughts?

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers | Portable Blow Up Mattress for Kids with Built in Bed Rail71gGtYurUbL._SL1500_

Potty – We’ve been working with Nora on potty training. So far though, still not going great in my opinion. She will go pee if I take her to the potty, but won’t really ever tell me she has to go and she doesn’t ever initiate sitting on the potty. Also, her diapers are always wet, so clearly she isn’t holding it. Do either of these look helpful for travel? The aqua one folds flat so also fits over a toilet seat, and comes with bags if she just wants to sit on it and go.

Gimars Upgrade Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Travel Folding Portable Reusable Toilet Potty Training Seat Covers Liners with Carry Bag for Babies, Toddlers and Kids, Pink81YVFx-NYEL._SX522_


OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel – Aqua51vnjmYXOpL._SX522_

Packing – Last topic, before this post gets too long and I lose everyone’s interest! What’s your opinion on kid’s luggage? I’ve seen some, just like at Target, like this one, for example, but the quality seemed really poor. I like the idea of keeping each girl’s stuff separate though, and think that would make it easier for me to pack and organize. If I’m going to buy them luggage though, do I buy real luggage, just small items? In the past I’ve either used lots of smaller duffel bags or tried to also throw some of their items into my suitcase. I felt like we had their stuff all over though, and ended up with lots of small bags, many of which didn’t securely close. Real luggage is expensive though, even the small items. Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Traveling with Kids

  1. pool noodle between mattress and fitted sheet achieves same end and is cheaper and easier to fit in car re the air mattress. Also re-useable multipurpose.

    Not the blue seat for potty. Too cumbersome. Esp if she is not asking/telling and not holding for any time you are making your life hard by potty training at this point while on vacation. When it is warm and she can be outside bare bottomed it gets easier. REALLY. Last thing you need in your life is more stress!!!!!

    Yes to their suitcase for their clothing. Limits quantity you take and keeps their hair and clothing and tooth brushing needs in one place. 2-3 books top limit per child for bedtime reading. Limit toys to about 3 that leave car, creates less to track and repack. Keep separate from car toys to maintain novelty. Suitcase does not need to last long so cheap and cute is good. 3 yrs may want to pull her own. Encourage this. You can buy diaper/pull ups. Carry enough in car for only 24 hours plus one extra in event of unexpected surprises. Wearing a nighttime variety in car means more pee and less spillage….

    Note: Have traveled extensively including overseas with child age 2-12. Travel is good for children, learning to adapt to change expands their minds and brains. Have small surprise quiet toys for those times when you may sit at a restaurant and wait for food. With older kids carry small quantity, (do not EVER let them see you have more than one), of some sort of starburst type candy, because the sugar in one piece can get the child over blood sugar drop misbehavior buying time for the adults to figure it out and solve food problem. Two per child leads to a different problem.
    Have fun. locate playgrounds!

    1. Thank you so much! This is awesome!

  2. I’ve got the oxo seat and we love it! It’s in the car all the time (buy the bags that come with it too) and my wee ones use it happily. I don’t take it with me if we’re out. They’ll use an adult potty if I hold them over it.

    Good luck and have fun!

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