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I started another post yesterday, about our vacation, and was hoping to eventually add in some highlights from Nora’s 3rd birthday. But it’s still in draft phase.

I’m currently sitting at Panera wondering where all my times goes. Seriously? How do I not have time to keep up this blog, to share all the cute pictures I took of the girls over the past several weeks?? I have so many thoughts in my head I’d love to share…

Nora’s three-year photo session is tomorrow. Yes tomorrow. And here I am, at the last minute, frantically trying to put three outfits together which contain colors I’ll want plastered on my walls for the next several years. I randomly bought far more than three outfits over the past several days, but I still need to see what fits her and coordinate accessories. Yes, shoes too. OMG. I was at an outlet mall this morning and actually found quite a few cute things, which surprised me, as I rarely shop there. (Side note, I decided the girls are wearing dresses everyday this summer. One piece of clothing seems far easier than leggings/shorts and t-shirts, which is mostly what they wore last summer.) If I have time tonight, don’t hold your breath, I’ll post pictures of the possible outfits… I’d love input!

This is, well, was, since it’s Thursday already, Eric’s commute week. And so far he hasn’t made it home in time for dinner or bedtime, not even once. It’s so hard on me, and the girls. Nora is old enough now that she’s always asking where daddy is… And it’s not just the parenting that’s hard, it’s keeping a house running. I have a list of 20+ things that need attention, for example, there is a piece of siding on the house that needs to be replaced, we need a water softener, I’d like our treadmill reassembled from our move, I need several curtain rods hung, etc. I mean, none of it is life or death, but the reality is, if I can’t do it, I probably have to hire someone. Eric’s next week off is the first week of April, but he’s in Las Vegas three of those days, and already told me he wants to take the girls to his mom’s house one of those other days he’s off… So, that doesn’t really leave a lot of time for house repairs.

For now I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from Nora’s birthday party with my family.

4 thoughts on “Time

  1. I’ll have a 3 year old in a couple months too 🙂 Isn’t is surreal how fast time goes by? But also how slooooow it seemed at the time? I’m catching up on blogs again and glad to see yours-so many happy changes!

    1. Thank you! Yes, lots of good things for us! And I hope for you too!

  2. He wasn’t home a lot more before when you all lived closer to his work either. Absolutely hire someone to do the repair things. You want his home time to be with you and the girls… not doing home repairs and unable to interact with you 3. Play time with you 3 is way more important and a good handyperson is fabulous.
    Hoping now exam is over he can raise his head and spend fun time with his 3 most loved people.

    1. Exam is over, and he passed, he’s officially a board certified urologist 🙂

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