Photo Session

OMG, I’m so excited to see Nora’s 3 year photos! I think the session went really well! I ended up going with the light blue dress, the flowered dress with the white background, and the peach dress with flowers. Thursday evening I realized the flowered dress with the white background was too large though… which sort of dictated our Friday plans before the shoot. I had gotten the dress at the Gap outlet about 45 minutes from our home… So after we dropped off Nadia at school it was back there to obtain a smaller size. Thank God they had it! After the exchange we walked by the Toys R Us outlet, which was going out of business. Was I the only one not in the know on this one??? We purchased a few items, some coloring books and sidewalk chalk. Then it was to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal to recharge our energy!

During the photo shoot I tried to stay hidden, as I realized quickly Nora was far more obedient with the photographer if I wasn’t around. Why are children better behaved with others?? We had an hour and the three outfit changes, so it was over before I knew it! I’ll post some proofs as soon as I see them!

Please share your thoughts!

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