Long Week

Eric left last Friday morning for what I expected to be ten days, his normal seven on-call, and then three more for a trip to Las Vegas with his brother. Over Easter. Three days cutting into his week off. Don’t even get me started.

I was beyond annoyed. But was also trying to be the supportive wife that knows he deserves a vacation, and time with his brother. Even though I never get a vacation without the kids… So yes, I bitched some when he booked the trip, but ultimately told him to go and have fun.

Tuesday he texted me that he cancelled his trip. His reason being that he knows its hard for me here alone so much with the girls. I’m relieved yes. But I do feel bad he cancelled on his brother. And I hope to God I don’t hear him moaning about how he cancelled his trip for me for the next month… (My husband isn’t the only one who does that, right???)

It’s Thursday night and thankfully I survived the week, but it wasn’t easy. And daycare is closed tomorrow for Easter, so it could be a long day until Eric gets home…

Three year-olds are little terrors sometimes. Those of you with children surely understand. And then throw on top of that a sick Nadia, and well, it makes for fun times. Daycare called me yesterday afternoon to tell me Nadia had a 103F fever. It was down this morning actually, but she was still very cranky all day, and up several times last night, more so than her usual one time. My fear is hand, foot, and mouth, as I saw a sign on the door when I picked her up that there had been exposure to her classroom. I’m really hoping that since her fever has been down for 12 hours now, and there were no signs of sores when I put her to bed, that she doesn’t actually have that… I’m praying anyway!

In the mist of parenting I did find some time to do a few things around the house that have been on my list way too long. I straightened Nora’s name above her window. Which surprisingly took a ton of time! I put up Nadia’s one-year picture over her bed, and purposely left a space for something else. What I’m not sure yet. I installed a motion light switch in our laundry room. Love it, I need these in more places! And put the curtain rod up in the master bedroom. The curtains still need to be shortened, but I’m leaving that for maybe next week. I’m quite proud of myself!

I also wanted to update on how I’ve been feeling on my new anti-depressant, Viibryd. I want to say I feel amazing, but I don’t. I have a strange list of side-effects…

  • I actually think I sleep better now than when I was on Zoloft, but only if I take Viibryd first thing in the morning. I always took my Zoloft at night, so I automatically took the new med at night. Well, it made me terribly restless, it was impossible to get to sleep for hours!
  • I wake up feeling… I’m not sure the right word, groggy maybe. I’m not sure if I’m just now actually sleeping and I’m not used to this waking up feeling… I’m not sure.
  • Um… the websites all say it does not cause weight gain. I gained ten pounds since going on it. I want to eat all the time. All the time. Like I actually feel hungry, like my hands get shaky like I need sugar. So weird.
  • I always feel…. not sure the word… energized maybe, but perhaps not in a good way. Like I can’t calm down, can’t just sit and rest. Like I have to be doing something all the time. Granted, I got a lot done this week! But not sure the feeling is normal.
  • As well as feeling energized, I would also say I feel far more anxious than I did on Zoloft. Every little thing seems to annoy me. Everything seems overwhelming, like the dog was digging and had mug everywhere, it felt like a huge pain in the butt to clean her up.

I have an appointment with the physician who prescribed me this medication on Monday. Two days ago I actually started cutting my pills in half.. partially to wean myself off if that is what he thinks is best, but also partially to see if a lower dose would make me feel better. Maybe the drug isn’t all wrong, maybe my dose is just too high. I’m curious to see my doctor’s recommendations on Monday.

Please share your thoughts!

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