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Nora’s 3 Year Well Check

I just read the first post I wrote after Nora, well, baby A, was born. And now writing about her three-year check-up. I still get a little emotional. Maybe it’s this darn new anti-depressant!

Check-up went well! Probably a little hard to see the pictures below, but Nora was 28 lbs. 4 oz. which is 31% for weight, and 3 ft. which is 48% for height, both adjusted. This was our first visit for Nora with our new pediatrician since we moved, so we had a lot to discuss. This visit did remind me that Nora is due for more immunology blood tests… and I was so hoping they could be drawn at the MedLabs attached to our ped’s office. But oh no… Can’t be that easy! Apparently the University is the only lab around here that has the technology for these specialized, rare tests. I guess I’ll have to find another day for that super-fun (I can only assume) visit. No shots at this exam, as Nora is all caught up on vaccinations, thank God!

I’m really trying not to stress as much about Nora’s eating, or lack there of. Daycare continues to tell me she eats well there, which baffles me. She definitely has certain meals at home she will eat, and some she will only pick at. But she is gaining weight, although still with the help of Pediasure. I’m actually going to start buying the lower-calorie version, I think they are called Sidekicks. Maybe fewer calories in liquid will help her eat better. We shall see…

The picture above is quite telling… A year-year exam with a binkie. I know we need to ditch it. But oh God, I dread it. So much about parenting, and so often alone lately, feels so hard. I want something to be easy. Allowing her to continue with the binkie is so much easier on me, but I totally realize not better for her in the long-run. We’ll definitely be ditching the binkie on a week Eric is home!

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