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We grow. We change. Life happens.

Some of us are blessed with amazing careers affording us lavish lifestyles. Some of us are blessed with babies who redefine our purpose in this world. Some of us struggle to make ends meet. Some of us struggle with infertility. Some of us seem to have it all.

We all experience hardships. We all experience hurt. Some hurt changes our perspective.

At what point in life do we boldly remove un-fulfilling friendships? Or don’t we?

At what point in life do we ensure those we spend our precious time with, our time otherwise spent with our beautiful babies, are solid, supportive humans, worthy of our friendship? Or don’t we?

At what point in life do we stop pretending, and start being real? Or don’t we?

Personally I’ve been through a lot. We all have, though, right?

  • I changed my college major three times, changed colleges twice, and I’m still not sure finance, accounting, and the business world is for me.
  • I’ve been engaged three times, married twice, yet I still make mistakes in my relationships. Marriage is hard. We continue to learn everyday in a world where there is no instruction manual on love.
  • I’ve worked full-time, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, and still struggle to know which is for me.
  • I’ve been through countless IUIs, several rounds of IVF, experienced more pregnancy losses than I want to count, have two beautiful little girls, both born premature, experienced two lengthy NICU stays, and yet still long for a third child, knowing the risks.
  • I’ve lived in seven cities and still can’t figure out where home is…

How do friends fit into this you ask? Our experiences shape our views, our beliefs, our hopes, wishes, dreams… What happens when those we call friends no longer understand us? When the direction of our lives drift… When our beliefs diverge… When even a simple Facebook post is unintentionally hurtful… Do we burn bridges? Slowly slip away? Call them out? Hold our tongue? Continue pretending we’re enough alike to call each other friends? Or is friendship about celebrating our differences? Learning to understand others views… Seeing life through their eyes…


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