Where to focus…


What I’m supposed to be reading…  ⇑

But I’m actually wasting time on Facebook and wondering how to even begin in this so-called business world. Somehow I fear my BBA in Finance and MBA isn’t going to help me as much as I’d like to think.

My idea is a bit of a spin-off from a previous idea. And I’ll certainly share at some point, but I’m not prepared to just yet. Hopefully soon though, as I’d like to use my blog as a sounding-board, for advice, if any of you have any to offer, or certainly just a place for me to get out ideas and feelings.

Which leads to me to ponder my ever-growing to do list. Or maybe I should call it my wish list. It keeps getting longer… in no particular order…

  1. Another child (our frozen embryo) is certainly on my mind, but obviously not anytime soon. Well, I am 38, so sometime in the next decade 😉
  2. The Love Dare book I started reading and posting about, which I kind of lose track of… Posts are at the top of my homepage if you’re interested.
  3. Um… this house needs decorating, and organizing, especially the storage room which is a mess of baby stuff we probably could sell. (Does anyone actually ever organize their storage room?)
  4. I’m attempting to take a larger role in the MOMs Club I joined, as I now lead their Coffee Talk group and Book Club. It’s not a huge time commitment, but it’s a few hours a week.
  5. Proposed business – see books above. Exciting, but terrifying too.
  6. Re-joining Kosama or some other workout facility.
  7. Furthering production and items for sale at Nora Mae’s Boutique. Lots of ideas, but time is limited, well, maybe limited isn’t the right word. Maybe I’m just trying to spread too many interests of mine over the time I do have.
  8. Attempts to keep this house running, groceries purchased, laundry clean, dinner on the table each evening, etc.
  9. My love of photography has always been in the back of my mind… I’d love to teach myself or perhaps take some classes.

Maybe I just need help focusing. Maybe I need to pick one thing at a time…


Please share your thoughts!

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