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Still Winter

It’s snowing. And sleeting. The roads are slick. I almost killed myself walking out of daycare today, slipped on the sidewalk. I want summer. It’s mid-April for gosh sakes! I have lots of things I want to do with the backyard, but kind of difficult when new snow is still being added to the ground…

I’m beginning to wonder if my sickness is really allergies. I’ve had an awful clogged head, stuffy nose, watery eyes deal going on two weeks now. Lots of pressure in my head but this morning I woke with pain in my teeth. I seem to think that might be a sign of a sinus infection… WebMD believes I have TB, but Eric confirmed it’s highly unlikely. And scolded me for using such a site when I’m married to a physician.

This afternoons activity is more work on my business plan. I signed up for LivePlan. It’s around $20 a month for the time you are using the software, so hopefully it’s worth it. Still very early phases, as in, this is all just an idea in my head. I have lots of data to gather and market research to complete, but at least I have a start! I’ve had several people interested in playing a part in this venture… but none have any capital (cash) to contribute. So… I’m not really sure how to include them when they aren’t partaking in the actual risk of starting a business. Consultants perhaps? Although I’m not exactly sure how knowledgeable they are in what I need consulting on, and I can’t really pay everyone who offers me an opinion or suggestion… I mean, I’ll gladly accept suggestions, but probably not in exchange for any measurable amount of income. Also, I’m trying to decide how much I want to disclose on my blog. It would be helpful to receive feedback, but I’m not sure readers want to follow along with my every step of this tedious process. We’ll see I guess… More to come…

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