Sunday Funday?

Eric did end up taking Nora to see his brother and wife and kids. I had a few last-moment ideas to go along, as I certainly do miss them and wish I was closer to my sister-in-law. But… Eric disclosed last-minute he was picking up his mother on the way, therefore the mere idea of me going stopped immediately upon hearing that tidbit of data. I’m actually quite annoyed she was going, and I don’t expect many of you to understand… I think you truly have to be in someones shoes and know the entire story, which I’m sure I haven’t shared on here, not every piece of information I mean. In a nutshell though, Eric enables his mother’s poor behavior. To a certain extent he admits this. It’s an issue for us, needless to say. I worry about future holidays, birthdays, really anything that traditionally involves family. I’m still in the mindset of refusing to spend time (life is short) with people, anyone, including family, who has treated me like shit and not apologized. (In my opinion, yelling at me, swearing, especially in front of my children, throwing furniture, kicking presents, kicking me out of their home, etc., constitutes shit.) My concern though is, Eric isn’t willing to demand his mother accept consequences for her behavior. So that leaves us in a predicament. I miss out on anything related to his family, if his mother is present. My girls end up spending some holidays away from me. I’m not okay with really either of those options. I’ve already contacted Eric’s mom once to try to resolve the issue, but I was not given a response. Do I try again? And what do I say? I really wanna say, listen here bitch, buck up, get yourself some antipsychotic medication, accept responsiblity for your actions, find a therapist, apologize, etc. But I doubt that would go over well. Even thinking about all this makes my blood boil.

In other news, I think my new medication Viibryd is messing with my blood sugar. I feel shaky often, like I need to eat, even when I’ve just eaten. And I can’t seem to find a theme regarding what I’ve eaten and now I feel. This shakiness happens with balanced meals, high-carb meals, lots of protein meals, etc. I still have my blood sugar testing stuff from my pregnancy with Nadia and I tested several times yesterday and today. Yesterday, even two hours after a high-carb meal my blood sugar was 95. I’d expect it to be higher… I’m not so sure I’m willing to deal with blood sugar issues, or really any major side-effects, when I know there are other options out there. I know all depression medications have side effects, but not all make my feel crappy often like this one regardless of whether I’ve eaten or not. I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow morning and see if he has another idea of what to try.

Nadia is napping right now, and I’m trying to decide how to spend the remainder of the day. There are a few items at Target I need want, but those could certainly wait to be purchased later in the week. I think I’m just looking for an excuse to get out of the house. I hear kids playing outside, so I assume the weather is nice, but not sure how much I can do with a nineteen month-old. There are lots of things I could be doing in the house, like organizing the guest bedroom, cleaning out the storage room, clearing off the kitchen table, etc., but none of that sounds especially fun. I completed several more sections of my business plan earlier this week but now I’m at a bit of a stand-still. I’m to the point where I need to start contacting outside sources, and paying money, and I’m scared. I’m still not convinced this idea will fly, although I wouldn’t expect myself to know at this point. But I’m cheap in some ways and don’t want to start wasting money. Oh, and I hate failing, if you haven’t learned that about me yet! I have a name for the company in mind but I see it’s already being used by a small home-based business is another state, but from my research she has not trademarked the name and such, so need to contact a lawyer, or pick a new name. Well, either way I need a lawyer. I also need to start more seriously researching possibly locations… but that feels a bit overwhelming. I think what I really need is a partner to take on some of this work, but no one I know has any amount of cash they are willing to invest. I could start reaching out further to friends or friends and such, but that would mean I need to have a more complete business plan. And it’s not that I really need the cash, its more the help and ideas I’m looking for…

Nadia is awake….

6 thoughts on “Sunday Funday?

  1. Ok I couldn’t read past tge first paragraph. WTF dude. You do not send your girls around this woman without you there. EVER. She is vile and dangerous and Eric has proved he won’t do anything to stop her, and he won’t protect his kids. So if they go, you go. Or stay home and Eric can go by himself. Seriously. XO


    1. I don’t know the right answer. I’m so confused. I really don’t ever want to see the woman again, but how does that work when Eric loves and supports her regardless of her behavior?


      1. Eric can see her. You and the girls are off the table. She is not a stable person and he can’t even justify or defend her foul behavior so he is *sneaking* to see her and serve up your children to her without your interference. What do you do? Stef you are smarter than that. STOP him. Or insert yourself so *at least* his mom doesn’t get rewarded for her bad behavior with a visit from her baby boy and the girls *minus you*. What incentive does she have to behave? None. XO


        1. I tried to keep the girls from her… Eric refused. And they are his children too, so I don’t have much say in that. His reasoning is that his mother was grieving the loss of her husband when she had her blowup, which I don’t doubt. He believes the last thing a grieving woman needs is further isolation from her family who is still alive… I’m no expert on this stuff, I just know how I feel, but the more I push against his mother, the further apart Eric and I become, and that’s not what I want either.


          1. Ok if it was an “episode” then why is he still sneaking around behind your back? Why hasn’t his mother attempted to make amends? He’s probably afraid she’ll attack you again and so I say GO with him and let her act like a lunatic, get that sh*t on video so Eric can’t pretend she’s ok. Doesn’t THIS–him letting his mother abuse you and then disrespecting you by going behind your back for this visit–also drive you and Eric apart? XO


            1. I don’t know that I’d say Eric is sneaking around behind my back. He decided a long time ago to not discuss his mother with me, as he knows it just causes arguments. His mother did send a group text to all of us saying she was sorry last year, however, it was forced by Eric in an attempt to make me feel better. Knowing she was told to send it makes it really not an apology in my mind. And she hasn’t made other attempts to make amends because she still believes she did nothing wrong. The thing with these mental breakdowns of hers, sometimes they happen years apart, which is why Eric sees no immediate reason for concern. It’s not like it’s guaranteed she will be crazy the next time she’s with family in a group.


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