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Lazy Weekend

It’s Sunday afternoon already and I can’t say we’ve accomplished much yet this weekend. Well, I did vacuum and add lettering to two items, a chalkboard and bill organizer… in between Nadia crying to be held. Does that count as productive? Oh, and I showered! And added a little make-up to my face!

The girls are napping now and I think our plans for later this afternoon include a walk on a trail in town and maybe a stop to pick up a hummingbird feeder, as we’ve been talking a lot to Nora about birds lately. I’m not a fan of the mess a traditional feeder creates so was thinking a hummingbird feeder would be a cleaner alternative.

Speaking of what we’re planning to do later today… I think there is something to be said for happiness, contentment, and social media. I’m perfectly fine with a lazy weekend at home… until I look on Facebook and see what everyone else is doing. Seeing others plans often makes me feel bad, like I’m not offering Nora and Nadia the same excitement and opportunities as other children. Anyone else feel that way?

Eric was home this past week but leaves tonight for his overnight in Ft. Dodge. Him and I worked around the house a lot this past week, odds and ends we’ve been meaning to finish, or stuff I needed his help with, like adding salt to the water softener. I know, we are so exciting! Friday night we did finally open one of my three date boxes. Yes, we are three months behind, they are piling up here! The one we picked was a ‘breakfast in bed’ theme, complete with pancake mix, items to make fresh-squeezed orange juice, and the new Monopoly Deal game, which is actually quite fun. We were up past 11pm Friday night drinking wine and playing!

Tomorrow morning is going to be busy for me, which doesn’t happen all that often! First, Nora is transitioning to a new room at daycare, the three year-old room, as until now she was still in the older two’s room. I’m scared to death. Last week they were having her spend a few hours each day in that new room, and four kids from her current room are transitioning with her, so that should make her more comfortable, but still. The past few weeks she’s been crying and clinging to me at drop-off, so I expect tomorrow to be worse. And… all the kids currently in the new room are full potty-trained. We’re still working on it, but we’re nowhere near fully trained. And they said it’s okay, that they will continue to work with her, but I’m still feeling pressured.

Tomorrow morning I also have a medication recheck for the Viibryd I’ve been taking. I actually called my doctor’s office last Monday and asked if he had an earlier appointment time, as I’ve been feeling so crappy. They offered me one time last Thursday, which didn’t work with my schedule, so I asked if I could leave a message for him, which I did, explaining my issues. No reply. Correct, no reply. I want to scream at them, like hello, this is a mental health facility, the doctor is a psychiatrist. You’d think they would take messages a little more seriously when a patient calls and says they feel awful on their meds. So after I change medications tomorrow with him, well, hopefully he offers me something different, I plan to look for a different doctor for follow-up. I’ve had other issues with the administrative help at this same clinic, so just not worth the hassle for me when there are tons of other providers in the area.

And lastly tomorrow, all before 9:30am, I’m hosting a coffee get-together for the mom’s club in this are, well, at a local coffee shop, but still. I have all this time every week, why does everything have to be on the same morning!

I’ll leave you with Nadia’s 20 month actual, 17.5 month adjusted (roughly) picture šŸ™‚


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  1. I completely understand your social media comment. I feel the same way most times. I look at all of the kids who are my kids’ ages and they are in soccer or t-ball or this that and the other thing. And I’m over here saying “I’m just not ready to have a commitment every Saturday or Sunday like that”, but it makes me feel like I am not giving them the opportunities – even though we do a lot of other things during those times. It’s definitely a battle and you are not alone!

    1. Thank you, good to know I’m not alone. Now… how to make myself feel better about it all. Maybe just escaping social media. But being I don’t work outside the home, facebook is my main communication tool. Sad, but true.

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