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Today did not go as planned.

Nora puked last night. All over everything. She’d had a chocolate shake before bed. Ugh. It took me until 9:30pm last night to clean it all up. And I still think the carpet is a bit soiled. The rug went directly into the trash. Which was sad for me as it was handmade and kind of pricey. But such is life. Did I mention Eric left for Ft. Dodge last night right before this happened. Yeah, fun dealing with sick kids alone 🙁 I finally got Nora back into a clean bed and sleeping around 10pm.

Meanwhile Nadia was up every 60 minutes last night. I’m not lying. She was crying and pulling on her ears. We just finished medication for an ear infection on Friday. I’m not surprised its back though, as Nadia spit most of the awful-tasting medication out at me.

So both the girls were home with me today, thus they went to my medication check this morning. I switched to Lexapro, we’ll see how I feel in a few weeks. Then we had both their ears checked, as Nora was also complaining. Her’s were fine but Nadia’s double ear infection is worse than it was last Monday when we last saw the doctor. More meds. I did ask about tubes, but apparently we need to have 6-7 infections before they refer to ENT. And retreating the same infection counts as one, like from last Monday and today. Eric is already wanting to call one of his ENT friends though and ask some questions… We’ll see. I hate seeing Nadia in pain. And the sleepless nights suck for all of us when I’m here with them alone.

Tomorrow Nora will go back to school and start in her new room. Wish us luck! And I assume I’ll have to keep Nadia home, as she has a fever even though the ear infection itself isn’t contagious. I’m sad because our last MOPs meeting for the year is tomorrow, so I’ll have to miss that as I can’t take a sick Nadia.

Nora did have a few moments this afternoon of playing with sand since it’s 80 degrees here today!


Hopefully we all sleep better tonight. Eric is on his way home from Ft. Dodge now, and I probably should be getting the girls ready for bed, but I’d almost rather wait until he’s home later for his help. I’m exhausted!


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  1. You should have rinsed the rug off and threw it in the washing machine. It may have come out just fine. Sorry you are dealing with sick kiddo alone 🙁

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