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This morning was my Mom’s Club’s monthly business meeting where we discuss, ya know, business stuff. It’s that time of year for board member positions to be turned over to new moms… and it was announced that I was nominated for both the president and treasurer position. Nominations are anonymous, so I have no idea who thought I was fitting for either… but as I was the only nomination for president, its assumed I’ll be voted into the position next month. I’m not sure if I’m excited… I like to lead and organize things, and I technically have the time… but I fear it’s more work than I really want as the this chapter is part of the larger Mom’s Club Nationwide Non-Profit Organization. It’s actually good experience to put on a resume… if I ever plan to need my resume again. Maybe someday.

While at my meeting this morning, and still now, I’ve been feeling really bad for Nora. She was quite upset when I left her at school/daycare this morning. Today was her second day in her new three year-old room with her new teacher, Coya. She does have four friends there with her from her old room, so she’s not with all strangers, but still. She doesn’t seem to handle change well, I hope it’s not something I did in raising her thus far. She cried and clung to me as the teacher pulled her off me. Broke my heart. Made me wonder if this is really good for her, or if I’m causing more harm. I mean, I know at some point, preschool and beyond, she will need to be in such social situations without me… but… leaving her when she’s upset and crying makes me feel like a bad mom, especially since it’s not like I have to leave her to go to work. She’s always happily playing when I come back to pick her up, but still. And I know she learns a ton at school. I don’t know. I’m so confused. Overall she had a really good day at school yesterday, even stayed dry the entire day in underwear, which is huge for her, first day for that! Maybe I’ll feel better about this all next week when Nora is more familiar with her new teacher.

Nora’s new classroom plays outside from 3:30 to 4pm everyday and I learned yesterday it’s best not to try to pick her up when she is outside… hard to find her, then we still have to go inside to get all her stuff, etc. So I guess I won’t be picking the girls up until 4pm now. And since it’s only 12:30pm, I have several hours to get some stuff done. I originally though I might go look at flowers for pots, but it looks a little like rain. I could always do laundry, but that feels more like something I should do after the girls are in bed.

What would you do with an afternoon off, free of children??

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