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Monday Funday

So, it’s Monday. Back to… I was almost going to say the work week, but I guess not for me. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and headed directly to Hy-Vee for groceries. I hate buying groceries, as I really just fill my cart with junk I know the girls will eat, which is usually not very healthy. Nora is still stuck on the Special K Breakfast Crisps, so I got four boxes of those. Both the girls all the sudden decided they like bacon, and Nadia will eat bagels for pretty much any meal. Every now and again Nora will ask for a banana, and she will usually eat apples too, but Nadia isn’t as fond of fruit. I keep trying strawberries, but they both look at me like I’ve given them dog poop. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m hurting their development of tastes by offering them some of the same things over and over. I’m sick of so much waste though, and I feel like I can predict by now what they will eat vs. throw on the floor pretty well. But then I’m failing to give them new choices. Oh, the joys of parenting.

Eric is in Ft. Dodge today, he left last night, and I doubt he’ll be home for dinner, so it will be another night of me not wanting to make a big meal when the girls won’t eat it anyway. I bought a ham steak… maybe I’ll see what they think of that, with noodles of course! Plain noodles!

Wednesday I’m going to try out the Kosama here. I’m partly excited to get back into exercising. But also terrified of not being able to move for at least the first week! Wish me luck! The only class time I’m free for is the 12:15pm, which really breaks up my day… We’ll see I guess.

I did laundry most of yesterday so that’s done for a few days! I’m been trying to redo some of our landscaping, ripping out the cheap stuff the builder put in and replacing with items more interesting. I can only do so much alone though. I have at least one more Knockout Rose bush that didn’t come back after the winter to rip out. I never have much luck with those, but I’m not sure what to replace it with that is around the same size and such… Maybe I’ll run somewhere this afternoon and look. I also want to add more to the side and back of our house, but that would involve ripping up the grass, getting stone and such, as right now it’s just sod. I wish I knew someone who really loved to do this kind of stuff that could help me! The things I tend to really like when I look at scrubs and such are items which get like 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide! Those might work in the back of the house, but certainly not in the front. Any suggestions what I should get? Day lilies are what I’m ripping out…

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