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Two Down

Two doctors appointments this week down, one more to go.

Nadia’s ophthalmology appointment went well, considering it took four hours… Her eyes look perfect thus she’s been released from their care related to prematurity! One more specialty out of the picture! Tomorrow morning is her pre-op for tubes… Hopefully it’s quick and I can get her to daycare before lunch so I can actually work out. It would be the first time in over a week.

Today felt long and hard. Four hours in a waiting room with a 20 month-old is brutal. Keep in mind her eyes were dilated, so she was pissed about that. This picture was obviously taken as soon as we got to the hospital. monster cookie in hand 🙂 7A73EAAE-8602-4BDD-9396-CE54CC0B2B06

I was so hoping Eric could drive home for even a few hours tonight, at least to help me with baths and bedtime, but no such luck. He said he had too many patients in the ER and more being transferred from smaller hospitals which don’t have urologists. But… the girls are clean and in bed, I think one is sleeping, hopefully the other will be soon.

Also today, this morning, was our Mom’s Club meeting, and I was voted in as President. More to come on this topic as I honestly don’t know much yet. I get the impression a lot of moms weren’t happen with the current president, but with 40+ members, how do you keep everyone happy?

2 thoughts on “Two Down

  1. Ask each member to return a survey stating what they want from the group, how they wish to contribute, what changes (if any) they are interested in working to have happen (no free rides).
    Sounds like your life is really going well and hope you are finding your new community meets all your hopes.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion!

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