Too many thoughts

Too many thoughts… all jumbled in my brain…

  • Nadia’s tube surgery went well. They drained for a few days as expected and haven’t again since. Yesterday our pediatrician said her ears looked great.
  • Eric’s schedule is still messed up due to Memorial Day. He was on-call two weeks ago, and this week as well. Last week was a commute week, and he was only home one night before 10pm. Parenting alone, going on three weeks straight, especially with sick kids, is really hard on me.
  • Nadia has hand, foot, and mouth. She started with a fever on Sunday, which I originally thought was probably something with her ears. But no. Monday she woke up with one blister on her thumb. Pediatrician said there are sores in her throat, but honestly, I still don’t see many more true blisters on her body. I see lots of tiny red bumps, but that’s all.


  • Nadia did not sleep last night, and isn’t very interested in eating or drinking.
  • I’m exhausted. I had no energy to get Nora ready for school today, so they are both home with me. I’m sort of waiting for Nora to start with the fever.
  • I finally got Nadia to sleep, Nora is currently having popsicles for breakfast and watching Barbie on the iPad. Yeah, I’m feeling like mom of the year right now.
  • I’m attempting to deal with our many piles of laundry. Why is something as simple as laundry so difficult when you’re home alone with two toddlers?
  • Our favorite baby-sitter from Cedar Falls is getting married this weekend. The ceremony is outside, the reception inside, I believe. Both are about three hours from our home. I’ve been planning for a while. A hotel is booked for two nights, Kona is set up for boarding. I even spent a lot of time deciding on cute dresses for the girls and I.
  • Do I cancel now? Wait until the last-minute to see if Nadia is better?
  • Kona keeps digging. I’m so sick of cleaning up her paws everytime I put her outside.
  • Nadia is up already… more later. Maybe.

7 thoughts on “Too many thoughts

    1. I guess my main concern is… Nora could still be contagious even if she doesn’t have a fever this weekend… I’d feel just awful if we got someone at the wedding sick…


    1. But Nora could be really contagious if she is going to get it. You’re most contagious before you get the fever, which is still possibly coming for Nora 😦


  1. My daughter and I both just got over Hand, foot, and Mouth. I really hope you and Nora don’t catch it! When we took Adeline to Urgent Care they told us she would be contagious until the spots went away, which was about a week for both of us. I hope you get to make it to the wedding!


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