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Eric came home last night from 5pm to 9pm. Basically helped with dinner and bedtime, which was huge. But I’m still exhausted. Nadia slept last night from 8-10pm. I went to bed shortly before 10pm. Thus I hadn’t slept yet when I got up to get her back to sleep. She finally fell asleep at 430am. She was very unhappy, nothing really settled her. She didn’t want to eat or drink so very hard to get Tylenol into her. When my alarm went off at 6am this morning I had no desire to get up and shower. So I didn’t. I slept until the girls woke around 830am. I decided it was too much work to get Nora all ready for school, so she’s home with me today too. First thing I put our dog outside and she digs, drags mug all over the downstairs carpet. Ugh. I’m over the dog. I love her but she clearly doesn’t get enough attention when I’m here alone. I got the girls out of bed and noticed Nadia has a lot more blisters today than she did yesterday. Lots on her feet so she wants me to carry her even more then I already do. She’s really cranky. Of course. Yesterday she only had two wet diapers which concerns me. I placed a grocery order to pick up later which includes pedialyte and chewable Tylenol. So far the only way I can get liquid Tylenol in her is putting it in drinkable yogurt. But she’s only so interested in that too.

I basically just feel like I’m failing here. It’s Wednesday and Eric won’t be home again and for his week off until Friday afternoon sometime. There is no way I can handle everything here and get us all ready to leave for out of town Friday when Eric gets home. And I also doubt Nadia is all the sudden going to feel better Friday. I mean, I hope she does, but… So I’m about to call and cancel our hotel and the dog’s boarding 🙁 I feel so bad. Like I’m letting the bride down by not coming 🙁

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  1. I am so sorry you are going through all of this and have to cancel! Dehydration is huge with HFM, I hope you can keep her hydrated. That is so rough, hang in there!

    1. And now my Nora is complaining she is cold, doesn’t want to eat, and has a temp of 100.1.

      1. Oh no! I hope you don’t catch it as well, it is miserable.

        1. I hope I don’t either! That’s all I need.

  2. Would definitely recommend Brandis McFarland, therapist as someone for you to talk too! She’s very personable and easy to talk to.

    Are you able to get any help or support from relatives in your area?

    What about getting a sitter or family member for your girls, so you’re able to attend the wedding?

    1. My mom is in town and helps when she can… but she works full-time, so I can’t depend on help from her during the week much.

      I thought about getting a sitter so Eric and I could go to the wedding, but I’d feel awful leaving my girls with someone else when they felt so crappy.

  3. Cancel and don’t give it another thought. If someone had not come to your wedding because they were sick would you have felt “let down”? You have your hands full. Stop looking for more things to pick up.

    1. Thank you 🙂

  4. Ugh you need a break!!! I hope everyone is on the mend really soon!!

  5. Stef a child’s needs always come before an adult’s happiness–so you are making the right call. And what bride wants people speading germs at her wedding?! XO

    1. True, thank you!

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