Walmart Pick-up

I’m not a fan of Walmart. Mostly the checking out process that always seems to take forever and piss me off in the process. I normally shop at Hy-Vee. I like their fruit. And everything else. And checkout is a breeze. Although you pay for it with higher prices. But I’m willing to do such for my sanity. Sometimes.

He-Vee has a $100 minimum for online shopping, I think. Walmart’s is only $30. I only needed a few things yesterday, in the midst of all the hand, foot, and mouth sickness and whining children. And everything I needed was stuff Walmart doesn’t make, like Children’s Tylenol, Pedialyte, and coffee k-cups. So I downloaded their app and placed my order, reserving 3-4pm for pickup. I figured I could surely get the kids into the car for a quick drive later in the day.

HAHA. God must be laughing at me. Is there a hidden camera in my car providing the rest of the world with laughs??

The only way I was able to get Tylenol into Nadia the past few days has been hiding it in drinkable yogurt. So roughly 30 minutes before I planned to leave I loaded her up. Nora spiked a fever yesterday afternoon. She hadn’t wanted to eat all day, had been laying on the couch watching the iPad, and had eventually fallen asleep. I did get her to suck down some Tylenol maybe an hour before I planned to leave for Walmart.


About 30 minutes before we left the house Nora started complaining that her stomach hurt. Sometimes she confuses being hungry with it hurting, and since she hadn’t eaten all day, I figured it was no big deal. I offered her food, but she refused.

I got the girls into the car and we were off. Walmart is maybe 12 minutes from our house, but by interstate. As soon as I pulled onto I-380, Nora started screaming that her stomach hurt, and then started puking. First clear liquid, then yellow liquid. I couldn’t really pull over on the side, well, I guess I could have, but I didn’t want to. So I kept driving. Oh…. and it was POURING rain. Imagine the hardest rain you’ve ever seen, and then picture harder. With small pebbles of hail.

I finally get to Walmart, run around the van to Nora’s side to get in and clean her up. I was soaked. She calmed down some, but was very upset her blanket was covered in puke.

Finally the guy wheeled out my groceries, which involved me getting wet again as he wanted me to peak in the bags and sign his small machine. Ugh.

So back home, through the POURING rain, through a different town, since our main street is closed as they are re-paving it. Like what else! Thankfully Nora said she felt a lot better after she threw up, and was acting almost normal last night around dinnertime. Maybe she threw up the Tylenol I gave her on an empty stomach? She even ate her usual noodles with parmesan cheese. I thought, okay, I can do this. One sick kid alone I can do. Not two.

After my mom got off work she brought over dinner for me and her. Bless her heart. And she even offered to come help me give the girls baths tonight. Not sure yet if I’m going to take her up on that offer or not…

Before bed last night Nora’s temp was up again to around 102°F. I assume it’s the fever that starts this whole hand, foot and mouth thing… awesome.

Today Nadia is still cranky, but possibly acting a little happier. She has many, many blisters on her feet, and a good amount on her hands and bottom. I’m not sure what the ones in her throat look like now, but none of them seem to be drying up yet. She did drink some juice today without saying ‘owie’ though, so I’m calling that improvement.

Nora’s fever this morning was just barely above normal at 99°F, and for the most part she is acting normal. I’m just waiting and watching her hands and feet.

I chatted with the bride today and she said she completely understands why we’re not coming. But I still feel awful. Thankfully Eric’s call ends tomorrow afternoon sometime and then he has the next week off to help me with the girls. I can’t wait, counting the hours!

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